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prevenir robos en casa en las vacaciones 1 - Prevent burglaries at home during holidays: recommendations for enjoying a break without any surprises

In summer, the number of home burglaries tends to increase slightly, especially in cities. The exodus towards holiday destinations is a temptation for criminals, who search for easy targets for burglary.

Avoiding the worry this brings is not always easy, but it’s possible to take some precautions to prevent burglaries at home and enjoy a relaxing holiday. If the burglars are unsure about your home, they’ll look for another target.

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thief 1562699 960 720 - Tips to avoid theft at home in summer

Home robberies continue to be among the main concerns of Spaniards. Although Spain is one of the safest countries in Europe, 50% of Spaniards fear suffering some type of theft in their home and 66% believe that summer is one of the most insecure times.

With the arrival of the summer period, the holiday season is also approaching. Although many choose winter to enjoy a rest away from their homes, it is in summer when there are more trips. It is necessary to have certain safety routines and follow them daily to avoid scares. In this post, we detail some simple guidelines that will allow us to keep thieves away from our homes.

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photo 1498747946579 bde604cb8f44 1024x576 - Summer houses with pool in the Costa del Sol

This week, enjoying the last days of July and fully installed in the summer, This year we propose again to avoid the hot days in fresh spaces and suggestive of sun and relaxation in these spectacular pools ready to enjoy. This time we expanded the list to show variety through fantastic houses and flats with a pool full of inspiration and luxury, wonderful views, with gardens and porches of a dream or through economic opportunities by the sea. Refreshing summer houses with pools to enjoy a spectacular summer. Which one do you like the most?

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house 1423862 960 720 - Recommendations to avoid the squatted of your house in summer

Employment rates have been increasing in Spain since the crisis began in 2008, currently reaching 90,000 occupied homes. Of these, 50% are real estate that is for sale. These data concern, above all, owners of second homes or holiday homes, more likely to be occupied. Evicting a house entails not only an economic loss (it is estimated that the costs of recovering it can amount up to 2,500 euros) but also of time since in the worst of scenarios it can take up to a year to be able to re-enter it. In this post, we detail a series of tips to avoid this problem.

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elementos aire acondicionado 1212 586 - Refresh your house without air conditioning

If your house is an oven when summer comes, we help you with these easy and effective tips to refresh your house and without your bill of light

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