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house 1423862 960 720 - Recommendations to avoid the squatted of your house in summer

Employment rates have been increasing in Spain since the crisis began in 2008, currently reaching 90,000 occupied homes. Of these, 50% are real estate that is for sale. These data concern, above all, owners of second homes or holiday homes, more likely to be occupied. Evicting a house entails not only an economic loss (it is estimated that the costs of recovering it can amount up to 2,500 euros) but also of time since in the worst of scenarios it can take up to a year to be able to re-enter it. In this post, we detail a series of tips to avoid this problem.

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Refresh your house

If your house is an oven when summer comes, we help you with these easy and effective tips to refresh your house and without your bill of light

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Summer colours

How to use and combine these colours?

Colours can brighten our lives and transform our rooms so that we have another perspective of our house. In summer, the intense and muted tones give the witness to the brightest and most daring. Yellows, pastel greens, roses and earth will dress your rooms from top to bottom. In this post we teach you how to use them and combine them, to get the most out of them.

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photo 1523575708161 ad0fc2a9b951 1024x683 - Tips to freshen up and refresh your house for the summer

With the arrival of good weather, you want to go to lighter clothes and say goodbye to winter clothes. The same goes for the house, the longest days arrive, the sun ... and your house needs to cool off and prepare for the summer. In this post, we explain how to create a cool and pleasant environment

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photo 1547110287 71448271b1de - Tips to dress the bed in summer

The good weather is already around the corner and it is time to adapt our bedroom to the nights of milder temperatures and that will soon give way to the hot summer nights. In this post, we bring you ideas, inspiration and tricks to decorate your bedroom with more refreshing air.

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