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Tips to freshen up and refresh your house for the summer

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With the arrival of good weather, you want to go to lighter clothes and say goodbye to winter clothes. The same goes for the house, the longest days arrive, the sun ... and your house needs to cool off and prepare for the summer. In this post, we explain how to create a cool and pleasant environment

A world of colours

The colours of summer are infinite. From the light tones that help to reduce the heat, passing through the most pastel shades, to the bright colours that give joy and radiate vitality or the blue, perhaps the quintessential colour of the Mediterranean summer.


Use light fabrics and thus avoid a heavy environment and more winter. Flax and cotton -as well as silk- are materials that provide freshness and are very pleasant to the touch.

Summer temperature

Toasting in the sun is very good, but for that, we already have the beaches and pools. Inside the house, better to have a cool environment. For that, you have to raise the hot air and lower the cold. You can create a current of air by opening the windows during the coolest hours (first thing in the morning and at night). You can also use fans, air conditioners or bioclimatizers. And if you want to save energy (and the electricity bill does not shoot), fill your house with plants that help keep your house cooler like the ficus, the areca palm or the fern.

Vegetal fibres

They are natural and fill create a fresh and carefree atmosphere while they put the warm counterpoint.


It certainly fits the colour of summer. And if you combine it with white, you will have the Mediterranean at home.


If you know how to crochet or knit, you can have a very thick format, rope or wool headboard. You can hang it with three simple hangers on the wall. As in the mode, you can have one more light in summer and another warmer for winter.

Fresh recipes

Having a panel on the wall is very practical because it allows you to have a weekly menu on hand or even hang aromatic plants. It smells good!

Summer fabrics

You do not have to change the living room furniture to put it in summer mode. Place a cover on the sofa and you will see what changes. If you have light, it is not necessary to be white, but it must be made of a light cloth such as linen or cotton. You can refresh the coffee table by covering it with linen.

The sea at home

Marine details such as shells and snails bring us closer to the freshness of the sea and summer splashes any corner.

Green space

Natural, grateful, fresh and vital. Do not forget to have a corner full of plants or flowers.

Pastel colours

The palettes of soft and delicate colours create calm and at the same time cool environments.

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