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Tips to avoid theft at home in summer

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Home robberies continue to be among the main concerns of Spaniards. Although Spain is one of the safest countries in Europe, 50% of Spaniards fear suffering some type of theft in their home and 66% believe that summer is one of the most insecure times.

With the arrival of the summer period, the holiday season is also approaching. Although many choose winter to enjoy a rest away from their homes, it is in summer when there are more trips. It is necessary to have certain safety routines and follow them daily to avoid scares. In this post, we detail some simple guidelines that will allow us to keep thieves away from our homes.

Always lock when you leave home, not just with the slip, because it can be easily opened, even if only for a moment. Also those that give to courtyards or basements. Make sure your door has at least two closing points. It will take longer to open and the thief can give up. Check that there is no gap between the door and the floor. To avoid being leveraged, reinforce the hinge part of your door with steel pivots and metal angles. Secure basement windows with bars. The windows that overlook the courtyards are especially unprotected areas because they are hidden from view. Close them well when leaving.

Never hide the key in the vicinity of the house or in places like mailbox, flower pots or meter box. It is where a thief first looks.

If you have an alarm, connect it also, among the basic tips to prevent theft during the holidays, we must consider a good alarm. Today, there are very advanced security systems that, depending on their price, can even have security cameras and direct line with a security centre.

Prevent thieves from watching you to discover your habits. You can vary the route and hours back home from work. Check regularly that nobody follows you and see if there are cars or unknown people in the vicinity of your home for several consecutive days.

It gives access to the security system to the smallest possible number of authorized persons.

Check and update door and window locks periodically. Locks can become a weak point in the security of a home or business. With excessive use, they wear out and thieves know it. It is essential to check them periodically so that their condition is optimal.

Avoid commenting on vacation plans on social networks. Commenting on a prolonged absence from home by these means may be another incentive for thieves. Make sure your children do not report your absence or provide personal information either.

Install some kind of deterrent measure such as armoured door, alarms ... that inhibits thieves from acting.

Do not leave objects or documents of high value in the home. Do not expose or store large amounts of money at home, objects, keys, chequebooks, card codes or access codes to online banking or valuable documents. If you do, keep them in a safe place. It is highly recommended to have a secret security drawer or a safe. Make an inventory with the serial numbers of electronic devices, brand and model and photograph them.

It is necessary to convey the appearance that the house is inhabited during long periods of absence to prevent thieves from taking a house as a target. In this sense, you can program the switching off and on of lights and other devices, ask someone you trust to pick up the mail, etc. That your home seems inhabited is the best deterrent method. Do not completely disconnect the electricity. A disconnected bell is a sign of absence. Do not close the blinds completely. Technology makes it easier for you: the automatic timers that turn the lights on or off or the radio help to pretend that the house is inhabited. If you live outside the town centre, reinforce the surveillance Illuminate the entrance, the porch and the front or rear courtyards.S

Do not open your door or portal to strangers compromises your safety and that of your neighbours. Do not stay at home with strangers by phone or internet. Accept only services that you have previously requested (water, electricity, telephone, gas) and require accreditation from their representatives. Keep the door closed until you can fully identify the caller.

If you find the door of your house open or a broken window, do not enter. Call the Police from outside (091) or the Civil Guard (062) Do not touch anything inside. You could destroy evidence.

Anonymous citizen collaboration contributes to everyone's safety. If you see people hanging around or noises in vacant homes, call the police. For thieves, all eyes are security cameras. If you see something strange, give notice. Write down the data of the vehicles and people that roam around the house and give notice. That thieves feel guarded can help them give up.

If a thief enters your house, never face him. Go out and call who can help you.

If we travel by car, it is convenient that we do so early to avoid prying eyes from those who may be waiting for our departure.

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  1. Eric Major

    Preventing theft at home is a topic that should be taken seriously, as it not only protects our valuable possessions but also ensures the safety and security of ourselves and our loved ones ( I couldn't agree more with the importance of implementing preventive measures to safeguard our homes and deter potential thieves.


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