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Costa Cálida: The area preferred by foreigners to buy a property

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Costa Cálida continues to gain positions as one of the great destinations to enjoy the Mediterranean climate and Spanish cuisine. The Real Estate Registry Statistics of the Association of Property Registrars places Murcia as the fourth most demanded community by foreigners to buy a home in the first quarter of 2019.

Between January and March, foreigners registered 850 purchases in this community, 20.15% of the total purchases made by these types of investors in Spain. This percentage has been growing a lot in recent years, which has allowed Murcia to cut distances with the traditionally most demanded regions such as the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands and the Valencian Community.

The purchase of housing by foreigners is one of the most relevant factors when explaining the good behaviour of the Spanish real estate market. The demand has maintained high levels of interest, being configured as a fundamental element for the achievement of the current sales figures. The Costa Calida has a lot to offer these tourists. Murcia has more than 250 kilometres of fine sand beaches, hidden coves and natural parks. It is one of the great destinations of Mediterranean diving and an ideal place to practice other sports such as golf, sailing and water sky. It also has an important gastronomic offer based on the Mediterranean diet.

Buyers in Spain

The profile of the foreign investor has not changed much in recent years. The British are still at the forefront of purchases, with 13.79% of the total volume of the first quarter, but the truth is that their demand is falling due to the effects of Brexit. The French, with 7.56% of purchases, occupy second place, followed by Germans, with 6.89% of first-quarter acquisitions. The offer in the region also takes years on the rise.

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