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Plants and flowers to give colour to autumn and your home

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After a long and warm summer, we are one step away from welcoming autumn, the season of dried leaves and withered flowers. If after the summer some plants have died and we want to recover that colour, there is no reason to worry, the nature that is very wise has prepared an immense list of flowers and plants to give colour and life to our houses, balconies and gardens in the grey days of autumn. In this post, we detail some of the ideal flowers and plants for this season.

The slender Areca

This palm variety, native to the humid rainforests of Madagascar, is not very demanding and does not ask for much in exchange for offering all its splendour. Once you find a good location inside the house - near natural light, but avoiding the direct sun - you will start working for our health. Eliminates toxic elements from the air and provides moisture to the environment. It is a plant that creates a large volume of roots so it will have to be transferred to larger pots as they become small. Watering it with warm water regularly, it will grow like a large feathery palm.

The exotic Bromeliad

It is one of the ideal plants for this time of year. Strong, attractive and full of energy, it is a resistant plant by nature, just place it near the light, but not in full sun. With regular watering, you will grow happy by putting some water on the plate. Ideal to brighten up any environment, thanks to its vibrant colours and its striking flowers that grow like a flame inside in the heart of the plant.

Chrysanthemum or autumn daisy

Originally from Asia, it is a perennial shrub that blooms in autumn. It is a very resistant plant that withstands low temperatures, although it needs maximum exposure to the sun, so it is ideal to place on the balcony inside planters or pots. From scented leaves, chrysanthemum can be chosen in a variety of colours. Symbol of the sun and the national flower of Japan, it is considered a source of optimism and happiness. It is said that if a petal is placed at the bottom of a glass of wine, it will provide a long and healthy life.

The colourful violas

They are one of the most flowery plants of the fall season. Its flowering begins in autumn and lasts all winter until the first heats make it languish. That is why it is one of the most used plants to give a little colour to the grey days of autumn and winter. Keeping the soil always moist, we have the flowers secured.

The cheerful violets

A simple bouquet of violets is able to brighten the grey day of autumn. In a wonderful colour, it is one of the ideal plants to have inside the house, although it requires a bright place near a window. In a pot, it will last all fall if it receives daily watering and provided that its leaves do not come into direct contact with the water.

The aromatic dahlia

The charm and attractiveness of this plant are its large flowers, being able to choose between various attractive colours: yellow, pink, red or purple. It is an ideal plant for terraces and gardens, as long as there are no frosts, so it is preferable to plant in pots and in a warm corner.

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