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How to decorate the fireplace at Christmas

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Having a fireplace is a luxury that should not be missed. During autumn and winter, the fireplaces enchant us with the crackling of the wood when burning. But its days of maximum splendour come at Christmas. In this post, we tell you some ideas to decorate the fireplace and enjoy the heat and magic they give off.

Harmonic decoration

That is, think globally. Although it is about decorating the fireplace, it is still another piece in the living room or dining room. So that it does not catch up, decorate following the same decorative thread.

Christmas tree near the fireplace

It is a very Christmas picture. While it is true that the heat of the chimney does not do too well to the tree if it is natural, the same does not happen if it is artificial. Another option is to light the fireplace with many candles.

A fireplace with socks

There is no Christmas movie where socks with gifts to overflow do not come out. The socks have been gaining prominence in the Christmas decoration and hanging them on the fireplace looks great. Learn about the origin of this tradition and other curiosities about Christmas.

Candles in the fireplace

In fact, they are like icing on the cake. On top of the shelf, along with other ornaments or giving them the leading role they are perfect for decorating the fireplace.

Do not miss the green

Decorate the mantelpiece with natural green leaf garlands. It brings naturalness and harmony along with the rest of Christmas decoration, especially if the Christmas tree is in the same room.

Delicate and natural

Decorating the Christmas house does not have to be an ornate decoration. And the same thing happens with the decoration of the fireplace. In many occasions, beauty is found in simplicity, as in this image where the natural garland on the fireplace creates a Christmas atmosphere without being recharged.

Decorate with different ornaments

Decorate the fireplace with different ornaments. You can place balls, figurines, candles or Christmas trees of different sizes. We love!

Books and stars

Together with the tree balls, the stars are one of the quintessential Christmas ornaments. Decorate the fireplace with stars and combine it with other details. Have you noticed how well they are left with books?

DIY fireplace

There are so many ways to decorate the fireplace that this year you will have no excuse for not doing so. If crafts are your thing, try making a paper garland and hanging it over the fireplace. In this case, the garland has been cut into star shapes and used to decorate the mirror.

Do not forget the colour red

Red and green are the colours par excellence during Christmas days. Therefore, if you decorate your Christmas fireplace, do not forget about red.

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