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consejos para poner a punto tu casa para el invierno - Tips for getting your home ready for winter

We recommend getting the house ready for winter for two main reasons: because a warm environment makes it much more comfortable and because heating costs will be less. Therefore, before the coldest months arrive, it is worth taking a little look at the house to see what can be changed and what can be improved.

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chimenea calcetines rojos colgando arbol navidad 1252 402 - How to decorate the fireplace at Christmas

Having a fireplace is a luxury that should not be missed. During autumn and winter, the fireplaces enchant us with the crackling of the wood when burning. But its days of maximum splendour come at Christmas. In this post, we tell you some ideas to decorate the fireplace and enjoy the heat and magic they give off.

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photo 1558944351 3f79926e74ef - Carpets: How to choose them and how to place them

The bedroom is, par excellence, the room in which we most seek to feel comfortable and create a cosy space. There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning and bumping into the nasty cold touch of the ground. Therefore, the choice of carpet for the bedroom is almost as important as the choice of mattress.

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