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Christmas decorative styles

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Leroy Merlin presents its decoration proposals for these Christmas Parties 2019. To make it easier when choosing, it proposes 6 different styles for you to choose your perfect Christmas. Which of these trends do you prefer?

Romantic Christmas

The first suggestion is addressed to lovers of neutral colours that convey sweetness and delicacy to the environment. The nude colour and dusty tones are the centres of the decoration, which are illuminated with the brightness of gold, silver and pearly finishes. It is a trend that offers the right balance between naturalness, simplicity and sophistication. The romantic touch is made by rounded shapes, flower ornaments, butterflies...

It is a romantic Christmas for the most detailed that moves away from the traditional tones and shapes to achieve a delicate decoration that surprises. The crystal, the noble woods, the wicker and the silver and gold finishes coexist in very bright environments decorated with soft tones.

Red, white and green, for the more traditional

Leroy Merlin's second proposal for these holidays is a classic. A Christmas in red, that emblematic Christmas tone that adds to white, green and brown tones. This style is for the most nostalgic, those who live Christmas with the same emotion every year.

It is an ideal style for those who gather the whole family by these dates and are looking forward to receiving them with a decoration that provokes the same emotions in all of them. It is the usual Christmas, in which the house is decorated so that everyone is at ease.

Oh, white Christmas!

The third trend of Leroy Merlin describes a winter and current Christmas. Pearl grey is the main colour of this Christmas style, to which winter colours are added: blue and white, reminiscent of snowy and frosty landscapes.

Straight lines are mixed with rounded, more delicate, in all the ornaments of this trend. The rooms are bright, simple and modern.

Nature, most natural Christmas

Decorate your house as if you were in the middle of the forest surrounded by its colours, materials and sounds. Even if you live in the city, bringing the charm of nature into your home will be like turning it into a haven of peace. All those who like nature will find in this trend the decoration they are looking for.

This proposal does not lack details in natural woods and fibre baskets. Green is the colour around which everything revolves, mixed with brushstrokes in yellow, raw and some red.

The parties of the smallest of the house

This trend is perfect for families with children. With it, Christmas is decorated in full colour and fun. It is about the elderly also letting themselves be infected by the illusion and joy with which the little ones live these Holidays. If you are looking for original ornaments and ideas, in this Leroy Merlin trend you will find what you are looking for to live Christmas in a magical way.

Blue is the predominant tone but it is nothing without red, yellow, green and white. It's a multicoloured and fun Christmas!

In white and red, modern Christmas but without losing its essence

This style is for those who do not lose sight of tradition but want a modern decoration. The traditional Christmas red is again in this trend the protagonist, but it is lightened with white and grey and the forms are renewed so that everything is more current.

Whether you need to renew your Christmas decorations, as if it is the first year that you receive your family and friends at home, this trend will keep good customs, but with a decoration that reflects your personality.

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