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My tenant is loud and conflicting. What can I do?

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Renting a property is always a challenge, both for tenants and owners. So important is to find a good landlord as with a good rented. It may be that the tenant is loud and conflicting. In this post, we give you the keys to this problem and how to solve it.

Landlords in front of noisy tenants

When renting a property, there may be some unpleasant scenarios for both the owner and the community of neighbours.

In this sense, it can be that the tenant is noisy and conflicting so that he does not respect the basic principles of coexistence to maintain a peaceful and pleasant community for the neighbours.

A community that can demand accounts from the tenant and the landlord if he does not take the pertinent actions to solve the matter. This is, therefore, a bad situation for the owner. But are there solutions? Luckily yes and protected by law. We tell you everything below.

When the tenant is loud and annoys the community

The coexistence can be affected by a tenant who does not respect the dream of the neighbours with music late at night, unnecessary shouting and noise that affect the coexistence and rest of the neighbours.

The community of neighbours can demand accounts from the owner, who has the obligation to mediate to end the situation, otherwise, the justice will also take into account the joint responsibility of the owner and tenant in the neighbourhood problem.

The regulatory framework of the situation

The situation presents three normative dimensions that mark the infractions, guidelines for action, as well as the relevant responsibilities. They are the following:

  • The rules of the Community of neighbours

The horizontal property law stipulates that the rules of each community of neighbours must be respected by each and every one of the neighbours, whether or not they are owners, therefore, this is extensible to the tenants.

  • Horizontal Property Law

In article 7.2 of the law, it states that “the owner and the occupant of the flat or premises are not allowed to carry out activities prohibited in the bylaws or in the rest of the property, that are harmful to the property or that contravene the general provisions about annoying, unhealthy, harmful, dangerous or illegal activities ”.

  • LAU (Urban Leasing Law)

Article 27.2 states that the performance of annoying activities by the tenant is a sufficient reason for the termination of the rental agreement.

What are the consequences for the owner?

With the law in hand, the neighbourhood community can require the landlord to resolve the conflict, otherwise, the landlord could also be sued for the tenant's annoying activities.

What I can do?

If the neighbourhood community claims that your tenant is noisy, there are a number of steps you can take to solve the problem.

  • Friendly way

As the Law of Urban Leases dictates, any annoying and harmful activity for the community of neighbours is sufficient reason for the resolution of the contract. However, this resolution must be bilateral, and if the tenant does not agree, only a judge may terminate the contract.

In this sense, you can try to talk with the tenant and make him understand that a cessation of the activity is necessary, or else you will be forced to take legal action.

  • Burofax

If after trying to resolve the conflict through the friendly route the tenant continues to cause discomfort to the neighbourhood, it is time to send a burofax through a lawyer and legally based making him understand that his behaviour has legal consequences and that the next step is the demand.

  • Demand

If after sending a burofax the situation remains unresolved, then it will be justice that determines the solution and the responsibilities of the parties.

In this sense, the sending of the burofax protects you to show that you have tried to mediate in the conflict caused by your tenant.

As you will see, the process in case of a noisy or conflicting tenant can be a real headache, so it is important that you previously define in the contract all the clauses relevant to the resolution, one of them being the one reflected in article 27.2 of the LAU "when annoying, unhealthy, harmful, dangerous or illegal activities take place in the home".

And although the process with justice is slow and as an owner, you are somewhat unprotected, it is true that in the end, the courts will prove you right.

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5 thoughts on “My tenant is loud and conflicting. What can I do?

  1. evelyn

    Hahaha.... that article is so funny.
    In Spanish houses there is always noise terror day and night.
    I didn´t even know they have laws regarding that noise.
    I´ve never been in a country were people behave so primitive and bad.
    And they blame always the gipsys and foreigners, but that isn´t true.
    They all behave better than Spanish people.
    Spanish people always push you in the street, because they don´t know left and right. Even in others countries they behave like brainless bulls.
    And it is impossible to find peace in a house or hotel when there are Spanish people living. And every airbnb host told me that the Spanish guests leave the houses most dirty of all tourists.
    And they are to stupid to recycle or even throw there garbage in containers. They throw especially there cans and plastic always next to the containers, or in nature reserves and on the beach. And of course they blame for that also the foreigners.
    Only people in Catalunya and Asturia are more civilized.

  2. Sandra

    @evelyn: English and especially Irish people leave the rented places the dirtiest, I own a few properties and that has been my experience. Spanish try to clean although they may not do it well (it's holiday, after all), but after the English and Irish it's always like a gang bang took place in the property... Walls are thin and people speak loud, yes - but not as loud and loutish as drunken Brits (and they get drunk every day!) 😉

    1. Kevin O'Connell

      Not all. I have dual nationality English / Irish and have rented from the same lady for the last 4 years. When I leave I ensure that the property is as clean and tidy as when I arrived. Any damaged items replaced or payed for. Also I am very considerate towards neighbors. Please do not judge us all by the loutish few.

    2. Martin

      I confirm. Everywhere I went, english people is noisy and often drunk ... a pity !
      I undestand why some regions in Spain doesn't anymore such people...


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