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Make your poinsettia beat the holidays

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Easter flowers were buried on January 7. This year you will get them to survive and arrive as red and as splendid as they are now at Christmas 2018. What not? Check it

When the last red leaf falls

It is not that he is dying, he is asking you for a change. It is now when you have to change the earth. Transplant it or simply renew the land and you will give it a good base to endure the winter. You can also pay it with a balanced organic fertilizer that you will find in florists or nurseries.

Zoom into the light

In the background, there are no houseplants. Think wisely. None is born naturally under a roof and between brick walls. All plants are outdoor, so they need light and fresh air. Poinsettia too. Put it next to a window, to give it sunlight but, eye, the light, not the direct sun because it could burn its leaves.

Beware of heating!

It is winter and it is cold. True. You have to put the heating. We understand. But your poinsettia is not doing well at all. If you want it to resist beyond Christmas, put it in the coolest area of ​​the house and, of course, keep it away from radiators. What temperature is the idea for her? 21º maximum during the day and 16º at night.

Always keep it moist

Of course, be very careful not to drown it with water because if the roots are flooded, they rot. Ideally, water it a couple of times a week as long as you have a normal temperature for winter, at home (at most 21º). And if you have a dish under the pot, be careful that it is not full of water because it can rot the roots.

Golden water for your poinsettia

The ideal is to water it with rainwater but if it cannot be, you can do it with tap water "treated". As? Simply letting it stand for a minimum of 24 hours because the chlorine that is used for purification and that harms the roots of all plants evaporates.

Go ridding her of dead leaves

If you see leaves that show signs of wilting, remove them, yes, provided they come off easily. If when you pull them it is hard to let go, don't insist It is better that they fall alone so as not to cause any damage to the plant.

Beware of air currents

We have said that it is very good to give it sunlight but not direct sun. Well, we can apply the same to the air. Air the room where you have poinsettia every day but do not put it right in the air. It is a delicate plant and a lot of air can cause you to lose your leaves early.

And so that next year flourishes

When spring comes, book it. It is key for it to grow again and do it with more force. You must cut the branches in half. Although if you do not cut them you will be helping it to grow high and end up being a tree like the one in the image.

Your ideal Christmas centre

Poinsettia is perfect to give that natural touch and festive time to decoration. What if we add some candles, some fir branches, some balls and a reindeer figure? Look how good it looks.

And what about the red flowers if they have fallen? Don't they come out again? Well, for starters, they are not flowers, they are leaves. The flowers of the poinsettia are tiny and the red leaves are not, in fact, natural. They become like this because of the lack of light (even that of the bulbs). With what you can make them turn red again. As? There it goes!

  • From December to August: to take care of it follow the steps that we have been detailing.

Red sheets? Follow this formula: 10 hours of light for 14 of darkness

  • In September: start hiding it from the light by locking it in the dark (you can choose to put it in a closet) four hours every day.
  • In October: put it in the dark three hours a day.
  • In November: avoid the light for an hour a day.
  • And in December... it will be red again!
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