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Recommendations for choosing a good tenant

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Perhaps one of the most difficult decisions we have to make when renting a home is how do I choose a good tenant? In this post, we detail some keys to choosing a good tenant.

Some tips to find the ideal tenant

It is very true that renting implies a certain risk, like all the important things in life, but once the decision is made, we must move on. Here we give you some information.

It is very important first of all, publish a complete ad. This ensures that those interested will know the conditions in advance, especially the economic ones.

Be clear about what kind of family or person you want to lease, either a large family, or one with animals, or a couple, etc.

How should a good tenant be?

A good tenant from the beginning will like to make things very clear. It is sincere and transparent and also facilitates the steps involved in the rental process. It demonstrates certain conditions of negotiator and conciliator before any discrepancy. He is a person who commits himself personally and legally, he is also empathetic when it comes to understanding the owner and his demands.

With such a profile, the owner can feel calm, as they can reach good agreements. Also important is the first impression that is formed of the person. You have to understand that you cannot get to know a person thoroughly in an interview, therefore, your intuition will also influence when choosing your tenant.

Be wary of the perfect tenant, since he can be a scammer. You can promise many things and then not fulfil them.

Tenant Solvency

Surely this point is the most worrying for the owners. The following must be clear:

  • Income level: this is known by requesting a payroll or in personal income tax returns in case of self-employed.
  • Job stability: it is not the same to rent to someone who is just quoting, then to someone who has been in the labour market for years and contributing.

If the tenant does not give sufficient proof of solvency, it is advisable to demand additional guarantees, beyond the month of bail:

Require an additional deposit: an amount to be agreed that will be withheld by the owner and that will be returned at the end of the lease.

Bank guarantee: a financial entity is responsible for the number of the lessee's debts.

Solidarity guarantor: is the one that guarantees with its patrimony the fulfilment of the obligations of the lessee, in case of not fulfilling.

It will never hurt the more information you may have of the future tenant and if you do not put problems in delivering everything that is requested, even better.

Other concerns when renting our home is to ask, will they take care of the home?

Distrust will always exist and that must be clear from the moment you decide to rent. If there is clarity from the beginning with the care you want them to have and with the type of people you want them to rent, it will facilitate the decision at the end. The conditions are set by the owner and must be clear from the beginning before they visit the apartment.

How long will the tenant stay?

The duration of the lease can be agreed between both parties, by means of a contract, whenever the two wish. The lessee has the right by law to stay in the minimum housing for three years if he fulfils all his obligations. This is expressed by the Urban Leasing Act of 1994, in its article 9.1

Article 9. Minimum term.

1. The duration of the lease will be freely agreed by the parties. If this is less than three years when the contract expires, it will be extended for annual terms until the lease reaches a minimum duration of three years, unless the lessee declares the lessor, at least thirty days in advance. on the date of termination of the contract or of any of the extensions, you will not renew it.

The term will begin to be counted from the date of the contract or from the realization of the property available to the lessee if it is later. Proof of the date of availability will be up to the tenant.

Everything must be very clear in the contract, that is essential, not to encounter surprises later.

Tips to detect the evil tenant

Experts and investigators in delinquency have established a profile based on the common characteristics of this type of tenants.

  • Seducers and experts in emotional intelligence: they will want to carry on the conversation and gain the trust of the landlord. They will repeat that they are good payers.
  • They offer payments in advance: not accepting payments in advance since that can lead to later start late payments with any excuse. It is only to gain confidence.
  • Study the solvency of the tenant: the economic stability of the potential tenant is a decisive factor. Any financial problem can turn a good person into a bad tenant.
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