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Ideas for decorating outdoor spaces this summer

ideas para decorar espacios exteriores este verano 1 - Ideas for decorating outdoor spaces this summer

A house with a patio, terrace, or garden is truly a luxury. It allows you to design a fantastic space to relax and enjoy the fresh air when the weather is nice or to cool off on hot summer nights. Decorating outdoor areas properly can really make a difference when it comes to taking advantage of them to the max.

Ideas for decorating outdoor spaces for summer

Never lose sight of the furniture, style, and decoration of this area, which can be transformed into a little oasis and become one of the most special places in the home. What’s more, you don’t always have to invest large amounts of money to decorate outdoor spaces.

Taking some ideas into account is fundamental so that no details escape you:

1. Furniture

What should it be like? Above all, comfortable and functional. In small terraces, it’s important to take full advantage of every centimetre: benches and side tables or light, foldable furniture are perfect.

In larger spaces, the possibilities are endless. A small outdoor kitchen, a dining area for family meals, or achill out lounge area make patios, porches, and gardens into places of enjoyment.

In terms of materials, the latest trends are into the natural look: raffia, wicker, wood, or bamboo, among others. Recycled materials are also in: sofas made from wood pallets or tables made of wood boxes allow you to decorate outside on a tight budget.

mobiliario de madera 1 - Ideas for decorating outdoor spaces this summer

2. Textiles

They are a key element to giving terraces and gardens a style of their own. Here, natural materials such as cotton and linen are also trending. In terms of styles, for more classic settings or for those looking for a relaxing space, light colours and a Mediterranean style never go out of fashion.

However, in terms of trends for decorating outdoor areas, the flashy colours of the boho chic style are becoming more and more popular. To get this look, you can’t miss out on items such as cushions, carpets, or even curtains.

3. Shade

If what your looking for is to get the most out of your terrace or garden, it’s essential to have a well shaded area. Rather than the traditional retractable awningssail-type awnings in spaces with a minimalist or sophisticated feel are becoming more popular, as are pergolas in general.

pergola 1 - Ideas for decorating outdoor spaces this summer

4. Illumination

Without a doubt, one of the moments when you most enjoy a terrace or garden is when the sun goes down. Illumination is important, but it’s a good idea to keep it soft so that it lets you see but doesn’t blind you. Creating a magical ambience isn’t complicated. Lanterns and strings of lights decorate and illuminate whilst adapting effortlessly to any style.

Another possibility is LED lighting strips. On balconies, columns, or even under built-in seating, they're not only practical, but also very decorative, as are solar lamps.

terraza iluminada 1 - Ideas for decorating outdoor spaces this summer

5. Accessories and decorative touches

These are essential for decorating outdoor spaces and giving them a finishing touch that’s personal. On terraces, it’s not necessary to give up the beauty of plants. A small vertical garden or some simple flowerpots with flowers can really do wonders.

Trunks with a vintage feel as storage spaces, candles or candelabras that add to the illumination, swings or hammocks if there’s room, a small fountain... There are thousands of possibilities to personalise that terrace or garden.

Spainhouses can help you find the ideal home with a fantastic terrace or a garden where you can enjoy unforgettable moments. We put your dreams within your reach. See for yourself today.

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