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Carpets: How to choose them and how to place them

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The bedroom is, par excellence, the room in which we most seek to feel comfortable and create a cosy space. There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning and bumping into the nasty cold touch of the ground. Therefore, the choice of carpet for the bedroom is almost as important as the choice of mattress.

There are several ways to put the carpet in the bedroom. Your choice will depend, above all, on the size of the stay. If it is wide, you can afford to put a big one at the feet so that the stay is more collected and cosy. You can also place it so that it covers the bedside tables and the entire bed, coming out on its three sides. However, if the room is somewhat smaller, a very good option is one on each side of the bed.

As for the material, the best alternative for the bedroom is wool, especially in winter. Although they attract more dust and need to be vacuumed frequently, they are warm and very soft to the tread. Of course, it is worth it! Those of cotton and those of natural fibres are better for the summer: they fill the room with freshness, they are cosy and bring personality.

Key piece

The carpets decorate, insulate, protect the floor from the tread and our feet from the cold. But they also help create cosy and comfortable atmospheres. To choose it you will have to take into account the size of your bedroom, the bed and the carpet.

Wide and at the foot of the bed

When a bedroom is large, the options for placing the carpet multiply. For example, one way to ensure that the room does not generate a feeling of emptiness and also looks warmer is to place a large carpet at the foot of the bed.

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Carpet on each side of the bed

A carpet on each side of the bed is usually the most recurring alternative. Sometimes it can be completed with a third at the foot of the bed. It is the best alternative for small bedrooms where you do not want to give up the comfort they provide. As for the size, theirs is that they reach the foot of the bed and are at least as wide as the bedside table.

One that covers everything

One way to create comfort and unify the bedroom is to place a carpet on which both the bed and the bedside tables are. This option is perfect for separating environments in large bedrooms, unifying the rest area. In addition, you make sure that, wherever you get out of bed, the tread is super comfortable.

A kilim that contrast

They are original, exotic, light and very very beautiful. They also provide warmth to any room.

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Carpets and non-slip bases

There are models that, because of their material and how you have them, will not move. But if you choose a cotton one, get a non-slip base that provides safety and prevents slipping. There is custom or with standardized measures.

Wool for the bedroom, warmth guaranteed

It is the best option to provide warmth during the winter. The wool ones are the warmest and most tasteful, fluffy in the tread and comfortable. All you have to keep in mind is that the longer and curly the hair, the more dust and mites will attract.

Natural, fresh and summer fibres

Sisal, jute, hemp, seaweed or bamboo are some of the most common vegetable fibres for carpets. Perfect for the summer because of the freshness they provide, they are also very resistant. To keep them for a longer time, avoid pouring liquids on them and vacuum them frequently.

Carpet throughout the bedroom

A carpet is another option only for extra large bedrooms. Create continuity and ensure a soft footprint always. Although carpets are a great resource to separate environments in the same room.

Round: more dynamism

An option to provide rhythm and movement to the bedroom is to place a round carpet. Although in this case, they have an especially decorative purpose, they also have the ability to provide freshness, especially if it is made of fibres, and protect the tread.

Combine different materials

An original option and that helps you not to do without anything: one of the fibers at the feet for that essence of freshness and, on the sides, one of wool or cotton, depending on the season, which combines with the bedding.


A wool rug serves as the basis for a kilim of geometric patterns. But you can also do this with one of the fibers underneath and one of cotton over the effect is unique and also when summer comes, you only have to remove the upper one.

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