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Why invest in real estate: a safe-haven asset even in times of sanitary crisis

por que invertir en vivienda un activo refugio incluso en tiempos de crisis sanitaria 1 - Why invest in real estate: a safe-haven asset even in times of sanitary crisis

In times of crisis, investors look for safe values, such as housing. And, although the beginning of the pandemic meant uncertainty in terms of real estate operations, the market is, little by little, recovering.

In countries like Spain, there is a stronger tendency towards buying property instead of renting, which has influenced this recovery. Therefore, investing in real estate remains an attractive possibility, as shown by the data: according to the Consejo General del Notariado, the home buying and selling returned to positive figures and in terms of interannual growth, reached 6.8% in August.

Why invest in real estate?

After analyzing the current panorama, from the Instituto de Valoraciones has been pointed out that housing continues to be a safe-haven asset, and it is because of several determining factors, even despite current economic circumstances. The following are the most important:

Good opportunities

The crisis has pushed many owners to sell their properties. That represents an opportunity for investors or for individuals who have liquidity. It's a chance for individuals looking to buy their habitual residence or a second one, and for those seeking a good investment getting a good return on capital through rent.

Positive demand

It seems that there is a real interest in investors to invest in housing, and this makes the demand take off again. One of the objectives would be to acquire to reform and return to sell, taking into account that the pandemic has changed preferences in terms of characteristics and distribution of the properties.

Essential good

Regardless of whether it is an investment object as a safe-haven asset, a home is an essential good. However, we should take into account that both value and fluctuations in the price of real estate can vary significantly depending on aspects like the location or its typology. Besides, the lockdown has triggered the demand for spacious houses with outdoor spaces.

Safe investment

The real estate market can be seriously affected by some crises so that the properties register significant price drops at specific times. However, if there is a proven fact is that prices end up recovering, so it is an investment that sooner or later will offer a good return.

Growth in newly built properties

New housing developments suffered a severe halt after the 2008 crisis; however, in recent years is recovering. For investors or people looking for housing, this represents an opportunity, precisely because these brand new properties would fulfil in a better way the needs and tastes imposed by the pandemic.

There are just five reasons provided by the experts from the Instituto de Valoraciones, but enough to confirm that investing in real estate is still a safe bet despite the economic situation.

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