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Where to buy a home to invest: areas and cities with the best opportunities

donde comprar vivienda para invertir zonas y ciudades con las mejores oportunidades 1 - Where to buy a home to invest: areas and cities with the best opportunities

Investing in the real estate market is a safe-haven asset. Spain continues to be a country with enormous appeal. Therefore, the purchase of real estate is a profitable way to obtain a high economic return.

However, when choosing where to buy a home to invest, it is necessary to take into account factors such as infrastructure and services, the relationship between supply and demand in the real estate market in the area and, of course, its attractiveness.

Places in Spain where to buy a home to invest

1. Comunidad Valenciana

The beauty of the Valencian coast and its quality of life make it especially attractive for tourism and those looking for a second home in a privileged area. For this reason, real estate demand has remained constant and has even grown in recent years.

Here the risk of investing in real estate is considered very low. On the other hand, the gross rental profitability (relation between the purchase price and gross rent) is one of the highest in Spain. According to the latest report from the Sociedad de Tasación (Appraisal Society), in the province of Valencia, it reached 8.5%.

In Alicante, the profitability is lower, but its Costa Blanca, with towns such as Jávea or Benidorm, is still one of the favourite destinations for foreign tourism, an essential factor if you want to invest for renting.

2. Costa del Sol

Three-hundred days of sunshine per year and beautiful beaches have made the Costa del Sol another one of the quintessential Spanish tourist destinations, especially towns such as Marbella, Fuengirola or Torremolinos. For this reason, the purchase of housing for rent guarantees a return on investment. The gross rental profitability reaches 7%.

Not only tourist locations but the city of Malaga has also been recognized internationally as one of the best to invest in real estate. The risk is low, and the chances of recovering the investment with benefits are very high.

3. Mallorca

Its spectacular landscapes, the tranquillity of its residential areas and a real estate market distinguished by quality and exclusivity are the characteristics that have made the island so appreciated. The prices are somewhat high, but so is the profit that can get accomplished.

4. Madrid

Economic, cultural and political centre, the capital offers a very appealing real estate market that does not suffer from sudden price fluctuations. The investment risk is lower, and in the medium term, we can count on profits, whether it is just buying and selling or if the goal is renting the property.

Precisely,holiday rentals have had enormous development. The coronavirus crisis has indeed paralyzed them but will recover when the situation normalizes.

5. Murcia

When it comes to choosing where to buy a home to invest in, Murcia is still a little-known destination for foreign investors, but with great potential thanks to its beaches and good weather. Also, it has an advantage: more adjusted prices than in other coastal areas, which makes this region a particularly remarkable place.

If you are wondering where to buy a home to invest, Spainhouses offers you the best selection of homes in the most attractive areas with the best prospects in Spain. It is as simple as entering your preferences in the browser and choosing the property that best suits your wishes and your budget.

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