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Real Estate Trends for 2021

Tendencias inmobiliarias para 2021 - Real Estate Trends for 2021

We have just entered 2021, and as every beginning of the year, it does not hurt to look ahead and check the real estate trends the new year brings us. Keeping up to date with the real estate sector is the best way to make the best decisions for the near future.

Real estate trends that inaugurate the new year

These are some of the most relevant real estate trends for 2021. Knowing them allows you to have realistic expectations and choose the most appropriate response.

1. Digitization continues

The digitization process was already underway. Internet home searches have been the norm for many years now and increasingly. Especially since the new generations raised under the cloak of technology, especially the Millennial generation, have become the most representative generational range of potential active home seekers. Also, because these young people are very clear about what they want and technology allows them to offer them what they are looking for more effectively.

Besides, the pandemic and social distancing measures have accelerated this digital transformation of the sector. Real estate portals and real estate agency websites are now essential. Virtual tours are the new trendy tool. Communication with clients gets done through platforms such as GMeet or Skype. It is no longer necessary to go through the office or visit a property to have the decision almost taken.

With all this, agencies must adapt and keep up with their methods, their tools, their way of organizing and functioning. It is necessary to take advantage of all the technological opportunities in 2021, betting on applications, software and platforms that offer the best tools.

2. More investment opportunities

Housing is a safe-haven asset now too. Its character as an essential asset and the possibilities it offers for investment, through rental or subsequent sale, means that in the long-run investment, for example, in the residential market, always recovers.

With the health crisis, the current situation is somehow paralyzed. But we expect that there will be stimulating price drops during the year, the quantity depending on the type of property and its location. In addition, there will be a boost in new construction homes, which now generate even more interest since, in general, they are houses on the outskirts of large cities, which have seen an increase in value thanks to the pandemic and lockdown.

In any case, post-pandemic investment opportunities are beginning to emerge and shall get taken. Of course, without letting them pass you by.

3. New models of housing and purchase

The emergence of the health crisis does not make us forget that we are in the middle of an environmental or climate crisis to face. Therefore, from 2021 we can expect new sustainability requirements to accomplish in the real estate sector, according to the different regions and cities.

For example, in Madrid city, 2021 brings the obligation to install solar panels and charging points in new developments.

But not only the housing model is in the transformation process. Real estate purchase models also adapt to new situations. For example, the purchasing of housing in a cooperative regime has increased and will continue doing so due to the pandemic situation and the economic vulnerability that it has brought.

2021 will be a year of uncertainty and challenges. Perhaps you are thinking of taking the opportunity to invest in housing, or you consider this is the year to face the challenge of getting that much-desired home of your own. If so, from Spainhouses, we can help you.

We have thousands of properties among which you will find the one you are looking for. Go to our website and enter your preferences in the browser. What are you waiting for?

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