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Buying a home to reform: what to take into account

Comprar casa para reformar que tener en cuenta - Buying a home to reform: what to take into account

Finding our dreamed home is not always easy. Therefore, many people choose to buy a home to reform and renovate it to their liking. It is an attractive option for many reasons, but we might analyze every detail to avoid later issues.

Buying a home to reform: what to consider


In general, second-hand homes are cheaper than new construction, especially if they are many years old and have not undergone significant renovations. That could be a great advantage when the budget for the purchase of the house is more limited.

The other great advantage is the possibility of designing the distribution and finishes according to needs or tastes.


There are also some disadvantages to consider. The main one is the hight cost these reforms may have, especially if the structures need to get renovated or a project is needed to undertake the works. Also, we must take into account that old buildings need more maintenance, involving more expenses.

It is best to analyze every detail

Before buying a home to reform, it is essential not to overlook a single detail. There are many aspects to check before deciding, for example:

  • Useful square meters: it is convenient to check if they are built or useful meters; the difference can be noticeable.
  • Distribution: we must assess the possibilities of making changes. Sometimes the presence of beams and load-bearing walls or the arrangement of windows can limit them. On other occasions, 'throwing down a wall' can be what a room needs to make it more spacious and welcoming.
  • Wiring and other systems: when they are old, it is advisable to renew them. The distribution is important because if the plan has to be modified, the cost will skyrocket. Besides, we must check the building systems too, which could involve a significant expense.
  • Age of the building: if it is over 45 years old, it is essential to make sure that it has successfully passed the Technical Building Inspection (ITE).
  • General condition: it is necessary to thoroughly check that there are no cracks, dampness or construction defects. The inspection must also cover common areas of the building and elements such as facades, roofs, garages, etc.

Afterwards, if the home to reform is in good condition, it may be the opportunity to have a perfect home for much less than what a new home implies.

However, in case of a very deteriorated property, it's recommendable to consider if the price is sufficiently low and if we're willing to face the challenge of renovating the whole place.

In this sense, we must assess the scope of the renovation. If partitions have to get thrown down and the distribution changed, it will be necessary to carry out a project and request a mayor works license, which will make the works significantly more expensive. Besides, it can take months to have the property ready to move. While this may be torture for some, it is the dream of designing every detail of their dream house for others.

In any case, the best advice is that, when buying a home to reform, it is better not to hurry and evaluate all the pros and cons.

Whether you are looking for a new or second-hand property, remember that at, we have the best selection of properties. It will never be so easy to find your dream home.

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