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6 ideas for a quick renovation of your home’s decoration

6 ideas para una renovacion de decoracion de tu hogar express 1 - 6 ideas for a quick renovation of your home’s decoration

Every once in a while, we want to spruce up our home's style. Tastes and trends change, or perhaps we’re just tired of what we have. When we think about making a change, tackling a total decoration overhaul can make your head spin, especially if we think about the cost or time we need to invest. However, there are many ways of making a change for very little.

How to do an express decoration renovation

If we want a big, quick, and worry-free change in our home, these 6 options could be what we’re looking for:

1. Wall colour

It’s not necessary to make big changes for a home to have a much more up-to-date style. Something as simple as painting the walls can have a surprising effect. A good, risk-free option is choosing solid-colour paints that accent a wall in a darker hue. If you’re looking for something special, one alternative is paints with decorative effects.

And it’s not just living room or bedroom walls, you can also paint the kitchen and bathrooms. Special paint for tiles is easy to use and offers incredible results.

2. Paint doors

Doors, closet doors, or even kitchen and bathroom furniture can all be painted if they are in good condition. A more old-fashioned door will look brand new once it’s varnished in white. This tends to be the most common change, but you can also choose more daring colours so long as they fit in with your home’s style.

3. Lighting

Good lighting makes spaces warmer, more pleasant, and more welcoming. If the house is small, it will also bring a sensation of spaciousness. The easiest thing to do is install floor or table lamps in darker corners, as they bring light and are very decorative.

There’s also another versatile and economical option: LED lighting strips. They can be placed on walls, mouldings, and even under kitchen cabinets to illuminate the work area.

4. New curtains

Textiles are a great way to add character to a home. For this reason, new curtains are key in any decoration renovation. Solid colours combine with any style and natural fabrics (linen, cotton, etc.) are the latest trend. A quick trick: in small rooms, lighter coloured curtains that let light in or curtains that are the same colour as the walls are better.

5. More mirrors

Mirrors reflect light and give a feeling of spaciousness. So, it’s a good idea to use them to decorate smaller spaces. You can choose from a wide variety of options, from small wall mirrors to XXL mirrors that rest on the floor to vintage-style mirrors with personality to minimalist models with no frame...

You not only have to think of their style or size, but also their placement. To increase luminosity, it’s better to place them in front of a window or on a wall where the sun’s rays can reach them.

6. Other little changes

An update to your décor can be done in many other ways. Changing the doors of kitchen cabinets to doors with glass will lighten up the space. A new headboard in the bedroom will give it a different twist. Rearranging the living room furniturewill make you see the room with fresh eyes. And, if you have older furniture, there are different ways to restore it or give it a more modern look.

It’s not hard to put a new spin on a home without spending much money or time. The only thing you need is a bit of imagination and good taste. Without a doubt, you are the one to stamp your personality on your home’s decoration, but at Spainhouses, we can help you find your ideal home. It’s as easy as logging in to our website and plugging your preferences into our search engine.

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