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How to make a dressing room in any spot of your home

Ideas para hacer un vestidor en casa aprovechando cualquier hueco - How to make a dressing room in any spot of your home

An exclusive, spacious and custom-designed space to store clothes, shoes and accessories is a real luxury. But it doesn't require having a lot of space to make a dressing room at home; the most ingenious ideas are the most practical.

We always imagine an empty room connected to the bedroom and exclusively dedicated to a dressing room. However, that's not possible in most cases. There are alternatives, though.

Making a dressing room within the bedroom

Integrating a small dressing room in the bedroom is possible, regardless of its shape. It will be enough with removing all the unnecessary accessories and some creativity. How? These ideas to make a dressing room at home will help you:

If the room is long, a simple and practical idea is to build a small wall that serves as a headboard or partition and make the dressing area behind it. You don't need a lot of space, and you can always put removable coat racks or drawers with a reduced bottom.

Another possibility is to make the dressing room occupying one side of the room. So that it is not visually too heavy, a good choice could be putting a coloured or slightly opaque glass enclosure.

vestidor cristal - How to make a dressing room in any spot of your home

If the bedroom has a wide walkway, either towards a hall or the bathroom, it can also get converted into a dressing room, of course, with narrow or removable elements. In this case, it is also convenient to put some doors or curtains that make a difference.

In a square room, a free corner is perfect for making an angled dressing room. If there is room, you can even place a central island.

How to design the dressing room

The design will depend on the dimensions and shape of the available space. If it is narrow and long, the best way to make the most of it is by arranging shelves, hangers and drawers in an L-shape or line. If it is squared, a distribution in U or with two facing walls would be perfect.

vestidor vacio - How to make a dressing room in any spot of your home

The interior layout is essential too. The important thing when making a dressing room at home is that it adapts to the needs. Sometimes you need more space for shoes, sometimes for long dresses, and sometimes drawers for sportswear. By covering it from floor to ceiling, there will be room to store everything. In addition, there are accessories of all kinds to make it very functional: shoe racks, hangers of all types, removable shelves, folding hangers, etc.

And one last essential question is to decide whether to make an open or closed dressing room. In a coated dressing room, everything will be more protected, in addition to gaining privacy. With an uncovered dressing room, we keep the visual amplitude, but we should distinguish it in some way from the rest of the room, usually with a different floor.

Tips to make a stylish dressing room at home

Finally, by adding a few touches, you'll achieve a chic dressing room. A large mirror will multiply the space; good lighting will make it appear more spacious, and a small armchair or pouffe will give it a more welcoming appearance.

But if you are looking for something more striking, wallpaper in the background will contrast with the structure, creating depth and giving the dressing room a much more cheerful and modern air.

vestidor lujo - How to make a dressing room in any spot of your home

Making a dressing room at home is not complicated, and it will help you get that space you need so much.

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