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Tricks to make a room look bigger

Trucos para hacer que una habitacion parezca mas grande - Tricks to make a room look bigger

It is not possible to gain meters, but we can make a room appear larger, though. It is about deceiving the eye to achieve a feeling of spaciousness that physically is not such. And getting it is not complicated; it is enough to practice a few simple decorating tricks.

How to make a room look bigger

1. Neutral or cold colours

White indeed helps to 'expand' spaces because it reflects light, but it's not the only colour that helps make a room appear larger. Cold colours add depth, so a good trick is to paint a wall in a soft blue or green, although rich tones also work.

colores neutros 1024x683 - Tricks to make a room look bigger

2. Colour uniformity

Colour contrasts make rooms appear less spacious. That's why walls, furniture and textiles should follow a colour gamut, although we can use slightly different shades.

Taking a step further, if curtains and furniture are the same colour and tone as the walls, they will blend in so that the room will appear much more spacious.

3. Lots of light

Lighting has enormous power to make a space appear larger than it is. If the room has large windows, the idea is to make the most of natural light. It is advisable not to put heavy curtains or elements that obstacle the sun's rays.

If the natural lighting is scarce, you'll have to play with artificial lighting. Here the possibilities are endless: floor or ceiling lamps recessed spotlights, LED strips, etc.

luz - Tricks to make a room look bigger

4. Adequate and well-distributed furniture

The choice of furniture is essential. There should be light, with straight lines and bright tones. Furnishings with legs or suspended also helps to achieve that feeling of bigger space. And it is better to opt for multifunctional furniture, small in size or made of transparent materials (glass, polycarbonate, etc.) when possible.

Regarding the distribution, it is convenient to leave open spaces and corridors. Another trick is to slightly separate the furniture from the wall because it gains depth. And, of course, have only the necessary, a room full of things will always appear smaller.

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5. A good choice of textiles

Better forget about patterns in small rooms. Or, at least, they should follow the colour range of the room and be small. The alternative is to play with textures.

In addition, we recommend not using curtains and opt for blinds or even leave the window bare. If there are curtains, they'd be better from floor to ceiling and in the same colour as the wall. Forget about filling the bed with cushions or putting rugs on the floor.

textiles 1024x682 - Tricks to make a room look bigger

6. Mirrors

They are one of the best allies in making a room appear larger. They are essential in bedrooms and dressing rooms. There are very decorative models, and what interests us at the moment: they multiply the space.

If you plan to sell your home, consider these tips to make a room appear larger, they will help you attract the attention of more buyers and get more profit from it. But if you are on the other side and you have just bought, these tricks will allow you to enjoy a more comfortable and cosy home. also helps you. You can advertise your property for free, and you'll reach many more people and sell sooner.

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