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Tips to make our bedroom look like a hotel room

interior sitio alojamiento comodo 1232 1822 - Tips to make our bedroom look like a hotel room

The two rooms are intended for rest, but our bedroom is always different from the decoration of a hotel room.

En suite bathroom, spaciousness, lounge, carpet, large curtains, panelled walls in wood or covered with fabric, raised beds, lighting, velvet sofas, dark colours... what do you sound all these characteristics of hotel rooms? In this post, we detail how to get your bedroom to become the room of a 4-star hotel.

The carpet creates the best atmosphere of calm and tranquillity that a home needs thanks, to a large extent, to the acoustic comfort it provides, essential for well-being and not always sufficiently valued

We can add other points of light in different areas of the room. This depends on how each bedroom is ... Maybe a floor lamp in a reading corner, a desk if we incorporate a work area or some other focus in the dressing area. When the bedroom is bigger and more different environments have more different lights we will need for each of them.

The adjustable intensity can be a great ally in all lamps, but especially in the bedroom. At night the light we want is dim, soft and warm, but in the morning we will be more intense ... Being able to change the intensity of the light bulbs in the room throughout the day can come really well.

The raised bed, something very typical not only of hotels but of American homes, we can get it by having a high sofa, mattress and mattress or double mattress; the highest bed always gives a certain prominence to the decoration and who does not like to climb on a high bed?

The large and thick curtains, like the carpet, are used to dress the room more or simply give it that heat, which sometimes the materials of floors and ceilings do not have and thus make the space more pleasant.

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