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Buying a house in Spain during summer: is it a good time or is it better to wait?

Buying a house in Spain during summer is it a good time or is it better to wait - Buying a house in Spain during summer: is it a good time or is it better to wait?

The real estate market is very active throughout the year; however, there are times when viewings and home transactions accelerate. Buying a house during summer does not require special steps or conditions compared to other times of the year, but it does have some advantages.

Why buy a house during the summer

Once you have decided to buy a property - as your habitual residence, holiday home or investment - summer is the right moment to immerse yourself in the real estate market for different reasons.

Firstly, you can make the most of your holidays by visiting properties and comparing offers. Not being subjected to the rush of everyday life allows visits to be calm enough to review every detail of the house and the neighbourhood. And it also provides precious extra time to do the math when you have found your ideal home.

Secondly, the summer months are the best time to choose a second residence or invest in vacation rentals, especially on the extraordinary Spanish coast. Visiting the houses at the time of most tourist influx allows you to decide if the atmosphere of the chosen area fits your liking.

Besides, real estate offer tends to increase during summer. Homeowners, especially those of holiday homes, get the most of the influx of visitors to put their properties on the market and try to sell them in the short term. This increase in supply is an added attraction for the buyer since greater competition in the market also means greater possibilities to negotiate prices.

Should you buy now or wait

In addition to these pros of buying a house during summer, it is also essential to consider the current economic situation: a positive Euribor for the first time after several years of negative figures and an increase in interest rates. It looks like the trend will continue for now, and that's why so many buyers are speeding up their decision to get loans on better terms.

Finally, we must add that the experts predict a slowdown in the real estate market due to the rise in mortgages and prices. This fact can be an added advantage for buyers. In recent months, the scenario has been that of a seller's market in which demand was higher than the offer. Now, the forecast of a change in the market trend can lead owners to adjust prices.

In any case, other aspects will affect the buying decision: your personal and financial situation, the expenses associated with the purchase or the possibility of getting a mortgage.

This summer can be a great time to buy a house, and will help you find your ideal one. Do not miss any opportunity and start looking now!

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