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Investing in Spanish Real Estate: a Safe Bet to Live or for Profit

Investing in Spanish Real Estate a Safe Bet to Live or for Profit - Investing in Spanish Real Estate: a Safe Bet to Live or for Profit

With a real estate market in full recovery, investing in housing in Spain offers benefits at all levels. The tourist attractions and the unbeatable weather, especially on the Mediterranean coast and the islands, are the most valued characteristics to buy a second home or a holiday rental.

But Spain offers many other advantages for those seeking investment opportunities. It is relatively easy for foreign investors to begin a business, buy a home to settle in the country or obtain a profit through home rentals.

High-level public services, a modern and constantly improving infrastructure network and good quality of life are other attributes for investing in Spanish real estate.

Investing in Spanish real estate to live or to obtain profitability

With 8,000 kilometres of coastline, the Spanish littoral offers numerous investment opportunities and the big cities as well. In fact, the gross rental return is on average around 7%.

This profitability is higher in the Mediterranean coast and the Canary Islands. Although somewhat lower, in cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, that rate was around 4% in the third quarter of 2021. In short, despite the fluctuations, the Spanish real estate market continues to offer benefits that are much higher than those of other types of investment.

Actually, Spain has never ceased to be a focus of tourist attraction. This fact added to the increase of remote working, interest rates that are still at minimum levels and the prospects for economic recovery, are making real estate investment with a view to the rental, both residential and holiday, become a good option.

For those looking for a second residence or place of retirement, Spain also continues to offer many advantages. And the coast continues to be the preferred place to invest. Among the appeals in this sense, the quality of life and a broad real estate offer, adjusted to very varied preferences and economic possibilities, stand out.

Now is a good time to invest in Spain

The beginning of the recovery after the pandemic is a turning point in the real estate market. The property data has recently shown an upward trend in prices, and the forecasts suggest it will continue. On the other hand, inflation could imply a rise in interest rates throughout the year.

Therefore, now is the optimum scenario to invest in Spanish real estate, in anticipation that the situation of the sector itself and the economy may undergo significant changes in the short term. offers you the broadest real estate offer of homes for sale, both newly built and resales. If you wish to invest in Spanish real estate, to live in or obtain profitability through rental, start your search now. Delaying the decision can mean losing opportunities and advantages. Find the home you are seeking!

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