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Summer Is Over, and Here Comes the Best Season to Buy a Home: Autumn!

Summer Is Over and Here Comes the Best Season to Buy a Home Autumn - Summer Is Over, and Here Comes the Best Season to Buy a Home: Autumn!

The real estate market gets affected by seasonal trends. Therefore, when deciding to acquire a home, it is essential to assess the time of the year. That would mean having good choice opportunities within reach and also finding more attractive offers.

In that sense, autumn meets all the conditions to benefit from these advantages. In fact, after the holidays, the market is usually especially active. It is the ideal time to decide whether to buy a home or invest in it.

Why is autumn the best season to buy a home?

In the last months of the year, some conditions benefit those considering buying a home. Firstly, the summer holiday gives you time to plan for the future and calmly decide on the type of home you need. That way, it would be easier to begin the property search when returning to the daily routine because the starting point will be perfectly set.

Besides, we must mention the seasonal behaviour of the real estate market. The offer and the buyers' competition tend to be broader in the middle of the year. That translates to higher prices and fewer opportunities. However, the situation changes in the last quarter of the year.

When autumn arrives, owners who have not yet released their properties are more motivated and usually make a move. Remember that a home that remains on the real estate market for a long time loses value and is more difficult to sell. Therefore, it is more likely to get a reduction in the price or at least negotiate it to close the operation before the end of the year.

One more thing that makes autumn the best season to buy a home is related to funding. Banks that offer mortgage loans must meet a series of annual objectives. The second semester is the time to reach them. That's why they usually provide better mortgage conditions.

And, closely related to this issue, it is essential to mention one more: the Euribor, rising non-stop since April. Forecasts suggest that this upward trend will continue. Some experts even venture that this index can reach and even exceed 2%.

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Now that the best time of year to buy a home is here, it's time to go for it. Delaying the decision may mean losing attractive opportunities. offers you a great real estate offer throughout Spain. The home you need, that second home you've been dreaming of for a long time or the investment chance you wanted is waiting for you.

Additionally, to help you decide, check the evolution of prices in the real estate market by province, city or neighbourhood. Make the most of seasonal trends in the real estate market and find the home you deserve.

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