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Choosing where to live: what to consider when making such an important decision

Choosing where to live what to consider when making such an important decision - Choosing where to live: what to consider when making such an important decision

Some decisions are especially difficult to make and one of them is choosing where to live. This is because on the one hand, buying a home is an important investment and on the other hand, emotional or practical factors regarding lifestyle or family needs come into play.

These factors can have an influence both when choosing a primary residence or a second home. To make the decision somewhat easier, here are some aspects you should take into account.

The first key to choosing where to live: your budget

Whether you have a certain amount of money saved to cover the initial costs of a home or not, the first step when purchasing a home is always to calculate your purchasing power or available budget. Knowing how much you can invest or what mortgage you can comfortably take on will serve to set limits and narrow your search when choosing where to live.

At Spainhouses, you can discover the cost of housing in each province, town, or even areas or neighbourhoods. In the prices section, you can also see their evolution or the areas where housing is more affordable, in addition to other data of interest.

Second key factor: type of residence

There are numerous possibilities to choose from: single-family homes, residential buildings, used homes, fixer-uppers, new construction, homes with more or fewer bedrooms, etc.

Remember that the home’s characteristics will determine its cost and some of them will increase its price. In some cases, you may need to sacrifice square metres or widen your search radius to find the type of home you want without breaking your budget.

Third key factor: lifestyle

Not all homes or areas are equally suitable for all lifestyles. For this reason, lifestyle is a primordial factor when choosing where to live. In this regard, it is important to evaluate a long list of factors such as having an area for teleworking or proximity to your workplace, buildings with common areas or schools nearby in the case of families with kids, shopping areas or green areas, etc.

Fourth key factor: your long-term prospects

Personal circumstances and lifestyle can change, however. Buying a home is an important investment and therefore, you have to take into account your long-term prospects. An example of this would be work opportunities in the chosen area or plans to grow your family.

The home's possible appreciation according to the area it’s located in and urban development forecasts are other factors that should be looked at.

When in doubt, consider renting

Finding the ideal place and home is not easy. So, if you have serious doubts when choosing where to live, a good alternative is to consider renting. If the chosen area meets your expectations, then it will be time to buy. But if not, you can always look in another area without having made a significant financial outlay.

Choosing where to live takes time and a thorough analysis of both your needs and financial possibilities as well as the real estate market. At Spainhouses you can access an extensive real estate offer and see the evolution of housing prices.

Start looking for the home of your dreams now!

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