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Buying the perfect home: 6 steps to prioritise what you need (and want) in your home

Buying the perfect home 6 steps to prioritise what you need and want in your home - Buying the perfect home: 6 steps to prioritise what you need (and want) in your home

Buying the perfect home isn’t something that happens from one day to the next. And not just because of the time it takes to look for it, but also because before that, it’s essential to clearly define what you need, what you want and what you can afford.

These three fundamental aspects don’t always align, so it’s necessary to find a balance in order to make the right choice in a decision that is usually extremely significant. So, what are these previous steps to buying the perfect house?

Steps to organise your preferences in order to buy the perfect house

First step: run the numbers

Everyone wants a big house, maybe with a pool, in an unbeatable area. The key lies in calculating your financial capacity to face the costs associated with the purchase. Knowing your debt limit and savings available to cover those first payments will allow you to define the type of home you can buy without running into financial problems.

Second step: evaluate the present and anticipate the future

Your current needs and lifestyle are a good starting point for searching for a house. But it’s also a good idea to think about if there are any aspects that may change or can be improved in the future. The clearest example is considering whether you want to grow your family.

But there are other issues that you must also take into account, such as job security, the need for a space to telework or even age. All of this may have an influence when buying the perfect home in terms of size, number of rooms or even accessibility.

Third step: decide on the type of home

With the two previous questions, you can already start to imagine the perfect home: number of rooms or bathrooms, a home with a garden or terrace, a flat in a residential building or a single-family home, among others. You can also decide if you prefer a new build or an existing home or if you want a home that is move in-ready or one to renovate to your tastes.

The fourth step to buying the perfect home: choosing a location

Location is key in the home’s price. You have to decide if you prefer the city or a rural area, or the city centre or an outlying neighbourhood. It’s also fundamental to look at the area’s infrastructure, services or green areas, among other aspects. The last issue is deciding if you are willing to sacrifice on some of these aspects in order to, for example, have a larger home.

Fifth step: walk through the chosen neighbourhood

Unless you already know the area, it's important to visit with a critical eye. There are issues you cannot assess unless you are actually there, such as distances to points of interest or transport, the noise level or the feeling of safety.

The last step before buying the perfect house: comparing

All this process ends with a search and the decision to buy a specific home. But before making a final decision, make a short list and analyse the pros and cons of each option. The little things are those that will tip the balance one way or another: the quality of the finishings, the light, the orientation, etc.

At Spainhouses you’ll find that perfect home you’re looking for. It’s as easy as entering your search criteria and choosing what best fits it from among the list of properties for sale in Spain.

It’s very simple. Start by choosing the city and area where you want to buy on the map.

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