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Don’t Forget to Check These Ten Aspects When Looking for a Property to Buy

Dont Forget to Check These Ten Aspects When Looking for a Property to Buy - Don't Forget to Check These Ten Aspects When Looking for a Property to Buy

Home hunting requires time and observation skills. It is not just about checking that reality conforms to the photos but about looking at essential details that reflect the state of the property. Going through the home calmly will avoid unpleasant surprises later.

Viewing a property step by step

Rushing is not a good idea when looking for a property and can lead to making wrong decisions that wind up being expensive. Many aspects should get checked when visiting a property. Therefore, we recommend making a list of the main points in advance.

1. Signals of dampness

A dark stain on the wall, musty smell, mould or chipping paint mean poor waterproofing or water leaks. They can be expensive to repair, so do not overlook these signs when visiting a property to buy.

2. Cracks

The passage of time or the settlement of the building can provoke small cracks and not be of great importance. But if these cracks are wide or deep, they can be due to structural problems that could be serious.

3. Plumbing

Old buildings can have lead pipes, and it would be necessary to change them because they entail health risks. That's why that material is currently forbidden in Spain. Checking out the material and the state of the pipes, the boiler and the radiators is fundamental.

4. Wiring

Not only convenient to check its condition but also if there are enough power and light points in the rooms to cover the needs. Wiring renovation is expensive when it is necessary to groove the walls.

5. Windows

If the windows are damaged or poorly sealed, air conditioning and heating expenses can skyrocket. On the contrary, windows in good condition and double-glazed improve energy efficiency. It's a key factor considering the energy prices.

6. Sizes

A photograph does not always allow us to appreciate the actual size of the rooms. Especially if they are empty, we recommend paying attention to this aspect to avoid problems when furnishing them.

7. Storage space

In a home, we wind up gathering countless objects and belongings. That's why storage space is essential. In that sense, fitted wardrobes or a storage room can make life much more comfortable.

8. Orientation

Sometimes we forget it, but it is something relevant for two reasons. On the one hand, the light of the property depends on the orientation. On the other, it also influences interior comfort, especially in terms of insulation.

9. Reality versus home staging

Home staging techniques improve the appearance of a home. But when visiting a property to buy, it is advisable to keep that in mind to determine whether the dwelling meets our expectations. Mirrors or good lighting, for example, make rooms appear larger.

10. Characteristics of the neighbourhood

Last but not least, the location of the property: essential services, transport, green or sports areas, cultural and leisure offers nearby, etc. The neighbourhood will have a high impact on your quality of life. helps you find the home you're seeking. On our property portal, you'll find a wide offer of listings. Start looking now.

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