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Buying a House in a Small Town: Why Life in Rural Areas Is the Last Trend

Buying a House in a Small Town Why Life in Rural Areas Is the Last Trend. - Buying a House in a Small Town: Why Life in Rural Areas Is the Last Trend

Lifestyle habits and homebuyers' preferences have significantly changed in recent years. Before, housing demand was mainly in large cities or urban environments. Currently, more and more people are looking to buy a house in a small town or village.

Although cities continue to prevail, according to data collected by, 22% of people looking for housing do so in rural areas. This percentage slightly exceeds the demand in coastal areas and even on the outskirts of large cities. And it is those over 45 who prefer to buy a house in a small town.

Advantages of buying a house in a small town and making a life change

Those who seek to purchase a home in a rural area are looking for a whole series of advantages and benefits they cannot find in the city. Those are mainly related to the quality of life, although not exclusively:

One of the first motivations to buy a house in a small town is the price. Usually, the price per square meter in the capital doubles that of housing in rural areas of the same province.
• This price difference makes it possible to purchase much larger homes and, in many cases, with a garden or land.
• The cost of living is usually cheaper in rural areas, and municipal taxes are also lower.
• Another advantage of buying a house in a town is related to the tranquillity of rural areas. In them, the pace of life is slower and more relaxed. In addition, there are no factors that increase stress, such as noise.
• Many people who buy a house in a village are motivated by the possibility of living in contact with nature and breathing cleaner air.
Rural areas are generally safer, with much lower crime rates than urban settings.

Incentives to buy a house in a small town

We must add other motivations in the form of incentives offered by the State, autonomous communities and, in some cases, the municipalities themselves. These incentives are an attempt to avoid the depopulation of rural areas and give them a boost to favour their development.

In this way, the Plan Estatal de Vivienda (State Housing Plan) contemplates aids to young people for buying housing in rural areas. It is necessary to meet some requirements, apart from age, to get this aid. This financial support could reach up to 11,000 euros.

Besides, some autonomous communities such as Aragon, Asturias, Galicia and Castilla y León, among others, offer personal income tax deductions for buying a house in rural areas. And in some of them, the creation of companies or entrepreneurship is also encouraged.

Therefore, when buying a house in a small town, keep in mind the existence of these aids and find out about the possibility of getting them.

All these benefits make buying a house in a village an attractive alternative. More, on, you'll find a wide variety of homes for sale, from large, economical houses to real luxury homes cheaper than you'd think. Start looking for your countryside property now and wait no more to change your life.

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1 thought on “Buying a House in a Small Town: Why Life in Rural Areas Is the Last Trend

  1. Paul Sheridan

    Very interesting to hear the many positives about country living in Spain, Almudena. Thank you for your article.

    I'm certainly convinced, and my family and I are set to make the move. Wishing you and your many readers a great end to 2022.


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