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The Best Areas to Invest in Real Estate in Spain

The Best Areas to Invest in Real Estate in Spain - The Best Areas to Invest in Real Estate in Spain

Investing in real estate in Spain is an attractive option, whether you are looking for a second residence or if the goal is to obtain profitability via rental. Stability and security, tourist attraction, geographical diversity, tax benefits and the potential for revaluation are just some of the aspects that explain why Spain is a safe-haven asset for investing.

The Spanish property market is very active, the variation in housing prices shows positive figures, and the gross rental yield reached 3.5% in 2022 (at the same level as 10-year government bonds).

Where to invest in property in Spain

In general terms, the foreign investor prefers the coast. However, also inland, it is possible to find good opportunities to invest in real estate.


Madrid is a great attraction for tourism and business and has excellent infrastructure and transport connections. The demand for rentals is high, and there are plans to build new modern and well-equipped residential areas.

Investing in properties in Madrid is a profitability guarantee with a low level of risk. However, it'd be better to avoid the so-called prime areas, where rental profitability is at its highest (and the forecasts indicate they will have less growth).

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Barcelona, known as the Ciudad Condal, holds second place among the most prominent cities in Spain, standing out for its considerable tourist and business appeal. Its privileged location on the shores of the Mediterranean makes it the gateway to Europe, giving it a desirable strategic position. Moreover, Barcelona is a holiday destination whose influence extends beyond the urban core. Therefore, it offers many possibilities to diversify real estate investment.

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It has been chosen as the best city in the world to live in by members of one of the largest expatriate networks in the world. Valencia stands out for its quality of life, Mediterranean weather, the beach and more affordable prices than other cities. In addition, the demand for rentals, short and long-term, is high, which is why it is a safe bet when investing in real estate.

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The Costa del Sol is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations due to its magnificent weather. Its capital also has a broad and attractive cultural offer. Actually, there are no less than 40 museums. Its attractiveness has not stopped growing in recent years. Therefore, any real estate investment aiming to rent is assured. However, the price of housing is higher than in other coastal cities. The alternative is to opt for other less stressed locations but equally attractive.

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Besides its magnificent atmosphere, it stands out because housing prices are relatively lower than in other cities. And yet the profitability is high. We must highlight that it is one of the great tourist centres in southern Spain. Furthermore, the city has modernized significantly in recent decades, intending to attract investment.

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Other attractive cities for real estate investment

Beyond the cities already said, there are others throughout Spain where investing in real estate represents a safe-haven asset, even offering higher returns than Madrid or Barcelona. Alicante or Bilbao, for example, attract a good number of tourists every year. In other smaller ones, it is viable to get profitability because housing prices are much lower.

Finally, while investing in Spain is worthwhile, it is recommended to choose the location thoughtfully, considering the expected return and the housing prices. In any case, will help you find that ideal property.

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