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Retiring in Spain: Discover Why It Is The Perfect Choice to Enjoy Your Retirement

Retiring in Spain Discover Why It Is The Perfect Choice to Enjoy Your Retirement - Retiring in Spain: Discover Why It Is The Perfect Choice to Enjoy Your Retirement

With retirement comes the time to forget about obligations and enjoy life. It is then that many people decide to rethink their lifestyle and look for a new place of residence. Retiring in Spain is one of the most attractive alternatives. In effect, more and more foreigners decide to enjoy their retirement in our warm and welcoming country.

Reasons to retire in Spain

Spain offers everything you could want for an active retirement. The list of reasons to move is long; these are just a few:
A warm climate: with more than 300 sunny days a year in a good part of the territory, Spain is a country to enjoy the outdoors, go to the beach, and walk in nature, both in summer and winter.
Lots of leisure options: inland and on the coast, the number of activities and cultural plans available is wide and varied.
Cost of living: lower than that of other neighbouring countries, reflected in the price of housing, food, etc. It is one of the most appealing reasons to retire in Spain.
Health system: Spain has magnificent professionals and centres with the most advanced technology. While public healthcare is free, private healthcare offers cheaper prices than in other countries.
Ease of obtaining a residence permit: the procedures are simple, even for non-EU citizens.
A welcoming country: Spain is a friendly country accustomed to receiving visitors. In addition, there are numerous expatriate communities, which makes it easy to integrate.

What to take into account when choosing a city to retire in Spain

Although Spain offers unbeatable conditions to retire, it is always interesting to consider some criteria when choosing where to settle:

House prices and standard of living: they can vary significantly from one area to another.
Infrastructures and essential services: good connections, health centres and hospitals, green or commercial areas nearby.
Cultural and leisure offer: the more, the better. It must be diverse and adapted to retired people.

The best areas to retire in Spain

The choice will depend on the tastes and needs of each person, but some several cities and areas meet all the conditions for retiring in Spain:

Malaga: Costa del Sol is one of the favourite destinations. Spectacular weather, good connections with the rest of Spain and Europe and the joyful atmosphere are reasons for this.
Alicante: why choose it as a place to retire in Spain? Due to the beauty of its surroundings, its beaches, the presence of numerous communities of foreigners and the spirit of towns such as Benidorm.
Surroundings of Barcelona: it is the second Spanish city and a top-level tourist destination, but nearby there are quiet, more affordable, lively towns with great beaches.
Bilbao: it is the perfect alternative for those looking to retire in a big city with a slightly milder climate than the Mediterranean area and an attractive cultural life.
Canary Islands: the islands stand out for their fantastic temperature all year round, infinite beaches, unbeatable connections and good services.

Are you thinking of retiring in Spain? In that case, go to and discover which will be your new home. You'll find an immense number of listings and home rentals in the best areas of the country.

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