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How to Be Effective When Advertising a Property For Sale in Spain

How to Be Effective When Advertising a Property For Sale in Spain - How to Be Effective When Advertising a Property For Sale in Spain

The first step in the housing search has a name: Internet. Therefore, to reach buyers quickly, the essential step is to put the property on the Internet. However, advertising a property for sale on specialized real estate platforms and portals does not guarantee visibility or good reaching power.

Competition in the real estate market is enormous, and standing out isn't easy. It is possible to go to specialists who do the work for us and take care of the entire sales process, advertising included. But it inevitably comes at a cost we don't always want to bear.

The alternative is to take care of it on your own. It seems simple, but it is much more than creating a post with text and some photos taken with your mobile phone. It would be essential to set a good strategy into practice. That'd be the only way to make it stand out, have reach and obtain the desired results.

Tips to advertise successfully a property for sale

Listing the ad on real estate portals is the end of the road. The process has three fundamental phases:

Getting the property ready

The scenery is fundamental. It is what is known as home staging. It means getting the house ready to be attractive to the maximum number of buyers. What does it consist of?

Furnish the house if it is empty, even with simple furniture. If not, you could use an application to show how the furnished home will look.
Remove anything too personal: photos, memories, etc.
• Clear the rooms, removing unnecessary auxiliary furniture.
Enhance lighting: light improves the perception of space, making it warmer and more welcoming.

Create the property ad

It is the most delicate phase. It can determine success or failure when advertising a home for sale. In this step, it is essential to take care of a whole series of aspects:

The headline should be short but catchy. It should include a notable characteristic of the home: luxury, next to the sea, with parking space, etc.
The texts must describe the place in detail: location, surface, state of conservation, qualities, etc. Of course, the writing must be impeccable and must create an impact with persuasive but precise descriptions.
Quality photographs are essential. The perspective, framing or sharpness influences the perception of the observer. In addition, these photos should enhance the strengths of the home.
Property plans and multimedia elements such as virtual tours are a way to stand out when advertising a home for sale, to improve the optimization and expand its reach.
An adjusted starting price. The price is the first thing that buyers look at. Therefore, it must respond to the reality of the market.

Listing the property

It is the last step, but a crucial one: choosing the portal or portals where you want to list your property. In this sense, the scope and prestige of the chosen ones are decisive. is one of the largest real estate portals in Spain. It has a broad real estate offer and more than 25,000 daily visitors, most of them foreigners, which will allow your property to go much further. Also, you can post your property ad for free. Do it already, and don't miss any opportunities.

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