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What is Home Staging, and how it can help you sell a home faster

Que es el Home Staging y como puede ayudarte a vender mas rapido un piso - What is Home Staging, and how it can help you sell a home faster

Two important factors come into play when buying a home: the first impression and an emotional component. Betting on them always helps to sell an apartment faster, and that is where Home Staging comes into play, whose objective is to attract the potential buyer from the first moment.

It's not a question to be ignored. It is estimated that 90 seconds are enough for a person to decide whether they are interested in a house; just a minute and a half to attract attention and convince. Therefore, the goal of Home Staging is to achieve a thorough facelift of the house, create the perfect setting to make it the desire of potential buyers and accelerate its sale.

What is Home Staging focused on?

Each home is different. Therefore, this technique to sell a flat faster focus on exploiting its strengths and generating a positive impact on whoever sees it, whether through photographs, virtual tours or in person. To achieve this, Home Staging works in several aspects:

Furnishing empty rooms: an empty apartment is not only less appealing but also visually smaller.

Depersonalize and lighten environments: neutral decoration and spaces not overloaded are more attractive because it is easier to imagine them as 'home' with a few personal touches.

Enhance the most attractive points of the house: it is about squeezing any aspect that helps create a feeling of comfort and warmth to establish that emotional connection with the potential buyer.

Improve lighting: another factor with an intense psychological component is light, which transmits joy and visually enlarges the rooms. Keep in mind that natural light is one of the most relevant elements for any buyer.

Of course, in addition to all of the above, the home must offer a clean and neat appearance. So the first step in a Home Staging project is to make sure the paint is in good condition. Painting the walls in white or soft neutral colours and repairing visible damage is essential.

How Home Staging helps selling a home

Home Staging does not imply a significant investment. It is not about renovating the property but rather about 'putting on makeup' to make it more attractive. Home Staging is especially useful in homes that are empty or have an old-fashioned decoration, and also in apartments that have been for sale for a long time or that you want to sell quickly.

By improving its appearance, the house will attract more attention at first glance, and this ensures that whoever comes to it, through whatever medium, wishes to continue with the visit. And more visits are also greater possibilities of sale.

There is one more advantage of Home Staging: that small investment has a great return. Not only can you get to sell a flat faster, but to do it at a higher price.

Think about how you can improve the image of that property you want to sell and get down to work. will help you reach an infinity of possible interested parties. It is as simple as advertising your property for free on our website. You will see that selling a flat faster is possible.

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