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Decorating tips to sell a home faster

Que tener en cuenta al decorar una casa para vender mas rapido - Decorating tips to sell a home faster

The first impression is always essential. If a potential buyer comes across a bare, dark, old-fashioned home, their appraisal will never be positive. Achieving a radical transformation to make it more attractive is neither complicated nor require a considerable investment. But how to decorate a house to sell faster and in better conditions? Only apply a few simple tips.

Decorating tips to sell a home faster

1. Previous work

Before starting the sales process, we recommend doing a "set-up". Painting the walls is a must. Better in neutral and light colours because they give a feeling of cleanliness and freshness and make the place look more spacious. It is also essential to repair any visible damage.

On the other hand, if the bathroom and kitchen are not in the best conditions, a little reform to put them up to date will have a double benefit: revalue the home and accelerate the sale. You don't need to spend a lot; vinyl tiles that adhere to old coatings or furniture and tiles paints offer good results.

2. Depersonalize to attract

Each person has a very different taste, and it can influence the decision process. That's why everything very personal must get removed from view: photos, souvenirs or especially striking decoration accessories. Whoever visits the home must imagine living in it, which is difficult if at every step they find personal items.

3. Furniture: just enough

When it comes to decorating a home for sale, minimalism triumphs: too much furniture can become overwhelming, and it may make the rooms look smaller.

And when it comes to furniture, another relevant tip: not everything fits. Reusing those old sofas that we kept in the storage room or grandma's bed is not a good idea. In this sense, investing in modern low-cost furniture will be much more profitable.

4. The power of good lighting

The light has a psychological influence; therefore, it is an ally when decorating a home for sale. If the natural lighting is good, it is best to let it enter the dwelling freely. If it is not, you will have to use artificial lighting. In this sense, LED technology is the best resource to create bright, warm and welcoming environments.

5. Details to create a cosy home

Although minimalism and neutral decoration are fundamental, that does not mean that the result is bland or unattractive. Accessories, used sparingly, are the key. Some examples: a rug to hide an ugly floor, some colourful cushions on the sofa, some plants in bare places or some scented candles would make the difference.

That positive first impression when decorating a home for sale is essential not only for those who visit the property. Don't forget that the first step for buyers is usually searching real estate portals. What the photographs convey to them will depend on whether or not they want to see it in person.

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  1. Maq Lee

    This is a great article for anyone looking to sell their home faster. The tips are easy to follow and really make a difference in terms of making your home more appealing to buyers. I especially appreciate the focus on interior decoration, as it can really be the make-or-break factor in selling


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