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What Documents Do You Need to Sell a Home?

What Documents Do You Need to Sell a Home - What Documents Do You Need to Sell a Home?

In most cases, buying and selling a property takes some time; however, it is possible to speed up the process if the homeowner already has all the required documents. If you are going to sell a home, it is likely that you already have some of them. Nevertheless, there'll be documentation that you'll have to request from specific organizations.

Documents required to sell a house in Spain

Most of the documents for selling a house in Spain intend to guarantee the seller has the authority to do so and to prove whether the property is free of charge or not. Take note of the essential documents to sell your home:

A simple note from the Property Registry

Specifies who is the owner of the property, surface area or whether it has charges, among other aspects. Although it is not mandatory, we recommend having it. We can get it from the Property Registry.

Deed or property title

It is one of the mandatory documents to sell a house in Spain. If you do not keep the deed, it is possible to obtain a copy at the notary office where it got signed.

Energy efficiency certificate

It indicates the energy consumption of the property under normal conditions, and it's obligatory. This certificate rates the efficiency from the letter G (lowest efficiency) to the letter A (highest efficiency).

Certificate of occupancy

It certifies that the home meets the minimum habitability requirements. Nonetheless, it is not mandatory in all autonomous communities. In any case, we can get it at the city council. Mind that it may take several weeks.

Proof of payment of the local property tax

Another document to sell a house in Spain that is mandatory to present is the proof of payment of the last IBI (local property tax). It reflects the cadastral value of the land.

Documents related to the residential unit

When the property is in a building, you must present other documents: a certificate from the Technical Building Inspection (in the case of old buildings) and proof of payment of the community fees. It is possible to get them from the building administrator.

Other documents required

Additionally, we recommend having other documents before starting the property sale. In case we have paid the mortgage but still haven't notified the Property Registry, it will be necessary to provide a zero-debt certificate. We'll have to request it from the bank. Similarly, to sell a house with an outstanding mortgage, we'll have to provide the corresponding certificate.

Besides, the latest utility bills (water, electricity, etc.) are also necessary for the new owner to change ownership. Also, when signing the deeds before a notary, the purchase deposit, if any, and proof of the amounts received as reservation of title may be required. Above all, the seller's identification document is always mandatory. helps you sell your home

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