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Top Tips on How to Sell a House in Spain Quickly

Top Tips on How to Sell a House in Spain Quickly - Top Tips on How to Sell a House in Spain Quickly

Recently, the Spanish real estate market has been a seller's market. That is, demand far exceeded supply. However, the rise in interest rates and the consequent difficulties in accessing financing predict a contraction in home sales. In this scenario, selling a house in Spain is a decision not to be delayed.

What to do to sell a house in Spain quickly

Changes in the market may imply a loss of opportunities. Is it possible to shorten sales periods? There are factors, such as the location or the type of property on which you cannot act. But other tips can help sell a house in Spain quickly.

Set the right sale price

Firstly, to sell a house in a reasonable time, we should establish a price that adjusts to the market. In this sense, getting carried away by emotional factors and setting an oversized starting price can have counterproductive effects if the property remains stagnant in the market.

Studying the offer and demand in the area and having some valuation (available for free online) should be the starting point to deciding an attractive and realistic starting price.

If you are to sell a property, you'll see the evolution of the market in our section on sales price statistics for flats and houses in Spain. Also, you could filter by area to have more specific data.

Prepare the house for sale

The second step will always be advertising. However, we should prepare the house to make it more attractive in the eyes of buyers. Sometimes, a few reforms and repairs will increase the property value. Besides, it is possible to make the property more attractive by using home staging techniques, that is, taking care of its decoration.

Advertise the property

One of the keys to selling a house in Spain is advertising. Once the home is ready, the first thing will be to take quality photographs or videos. The ad, in addition to images, must have well-written descriptive text.

From there, you have to choose an appropriate sales channel. Traditional agencies are an alternative; however, property portals are the broadest showcase nowadays. They allow you to go further.

Other tips for a quick sale

The above recommendations are a starting point. However, to sell a house in Spain quickly, it is still worth taking other issues into account:

  • Calculate the expenses of the sale to determine whether the price can get adjusted without losing money if necessary.
  • Being willing to negotiate if the sale is urgent, but always with a perfectly marked limit that should not be exceeded (given that a realistic sale price got set in the first step).
  • Set realistic deadlines according to the evolution of the market.
  • Flexibility in visits. It is essential to adapt to the potential buyer. A delayed visit can be a missed opportunity.
  • Have all the documentation ready. A single missing document can unnecessarily delay the sale. helps you sell your house in Spain

We have mentioned the importance of choosing a channel to sell a house in Spain. is the leading real estate portal with an international audience, with more than 25,000 visitors daily (up to 70% international). It is the best showcase to sell your property quickly.

In this sense, we must remark the number of foreign home buyers has reached record numbers: it increased by 45% in 2022. Advertise your property for free at, and you'll go much further.

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