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Decree 2/2012 of the Junta de Andalucía, which aims to regulate buildings which exist on land which is not classified for riogordo axarquia 300x225 - Decree to make properties legal still has no effect in La Axarquíaconstruction, is failing to convince the owners of illegal properties in the countryside of La Axarquía region. In fact, ten months after the new regulations came into force, their effect has been practically non-existent as the majority of owners of illegal houses have not applied for them to be made legal. Nor are the local councils playing their part. Very few of them have drawn up the report on illegal settlements which will help in making the properties legal.

This is a document which is required by the decree, which stipulates that in the absence of an Urban Plan the Town Halls should supply details of their future planning, to identify the places which have a high concentration of buildings on land not zoned for construction. Nor have most of the councils drawn up the regulations about minimum conditions of habitation and sanitation with which all illegal properties will have to comply.
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There’s no such thing as an illegal immigrant with money. At least not in Spain thanks to the Government’s new strategy to revive the real estate market. The proposal is to change the immigration law to grant legal residence to non-EU citizens who buy a property in Spain for more than 160,000 euros.

casa 300x225 - Spain to give legal residence to non-EU property buyersSecretary of State for Commerce Jaime García-Legaz announced the project on Monday although later Prime Minister Rajoy stressed that as yet “no decision had been taken”.
There was an immediate response from other political parties, unions and immigrants’ associations, who described the plans as “strange” and “implausible”.

García-Legaz explained that the reform process would be set in motion within a few weeks and that he considered the 160,000 threshold to be “balanced” with respect to the government’s objectives.
“We can’t establish a lower price limit, because that would generate a massive demand for residence permits using a property as an excuse to get one,” he stressed.
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