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68044167 2216350 foto 977083 - Architecture, privileged environment and a dream library in this villa in Oleiros (La Coruña)

On this occasion the house of the week brings us a luxury for the senses, in the first line of the coast, in the municipality of Coruñes de Oleiros, we find this independent house Open in a new window of contemporary architecture, very bright and with magnificent views of the sea , and to the cities of A Coruña, Mera and Canide.

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Guadalcázar, Córdoba

From the architects (Francisco López and Gudula Rudolf). The library, located opposite the Town Hall, was designed as a compact, concrete block, seven metres high, resting on its rear wall; it overlooks the front garden and the Town Hall building.

The interior comprises a single space subdivided into two rooms placed one above the other. Though similar in layout, they offer a marked contrast in volume: while the ground- floor space is of double height, thus conveying the impression of a large entrance hall, the upper floor has a more private feeling, its height being compressed to force a horizontal view of the garden.

Antonio Gala Library
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Sant Gervasi is a pleasant, but densely inhabited neighbourhood in western Barcelona. When the city council decided to expand its 40-strong network of public libraries, the local outfit BCQ Arquitectura Barcelona won the competition by having their cake and eating it too: namely by designing a building which preserves the little green public space there is, all the while creating a new social hub.

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