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The aim was to create an urban landmark in the skyline of Barcelona (Spain) whilst setting a connection with the low-rise houses of the neighbourhood and to generate quality public spaces.

The constructible volume allows it to connect with the many contemporary buildings which have started to appear on the skyline of the city. Miralles Tagliabue( EMBT) also try to make the design compatible with the surrounding urban houses and park in the small scale district of la Barceloneta. It has the verticality of an office tower, whilst at the same time offering an entrance that shows the representative character of the building from a view of the interior.

The application of the various facades follows a similar criteria. A series of large windows create interest close up, while the interesting arrangement of the building protects it from the sun and noise and shows a series of abstract volumes.

Gas Natural Headquarters Barcelona - Architecture in Spain: Gas Natural Headquarters, Barcelona

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The house, located in Uleta (Basque Country) Spain, and completed in 2002 is surrounded by a high fence. Most of the house is top lit via a series of rooflights set in a sawtooth roof. On the ground floor there are large glazed windows looking over the terrace but generally the house is inward facing.

The interior it is light and white, full of Modernist simplicity with a touch of heroism, but on the outside it appears demure, toned down using simple timber cladding.

The architects see this as a critique of the unsatisfactory nature of the luxury housing round about, but a case could be made that the design provides a penetrating insight into a sense of unease about the site and the neighbours.

A modern house1 - Architecture: Modern House by Roberto Ercilla and Miguel Ángel Campo
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The building is located in Almonte (Huelva), on the site of an old winery. It has the challenge of integrate the existing old buildings, declared as cultural interest, and being part of a cultural complex of a total of three buildings and a common space. This space turns into the main place of the town and an important meeting area.

An opportunity to work on light, material and space. The path chosen to work on these concepts, is the contrast. Contrast between outside and inside, between old and new, including a monumental scale and human scale. And the journey as the thread that sews and explains the intervention. A large area covered with large proportions and controlled height works as a high threshold. A monumental scale lobby welcomes the visitor showing the scale of a public building.

Theatre in Almonte - Theatre in Almonte, Huelva, by Donaire Arquitectos

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2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Resale

Amazing duplex with terrace in Plaza Catalunya, Barcelona.
This property is an upscale penthouse with a splendid terrace. Recently refurbished has great detail and excellent finishes. The location is unbeatable. An investment forever. The terrace overlooking Plaza Catalunya is a luxury available to very few.

692757 821032 foto 1 - Ideal Duplex for sale in Barcelona City Centre

692757 821032 foto 2 - Ideal Duplex for sale in Barcelona City Centre
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An icon of avant-garde architecture, the new W Barcelona Hotel rises high above the Mediterranean, in one of Spain’s most appealing cities: Barcelona (Cataluña).

The massive building was envisioned by modern architect Ricardo Bofill and decorated by Charles Farruggio. A unique display of color and comfort, the 473 guest rooms invite tourists worldwide to have a taste of opulent contemporary Spanish living.

103 - Architecture: W Barcelona Hotel
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