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insurance 1991226 960 720 1 - Benefits of having a home insurance

Having the home insured is a way to guarantee peace of mind to the owner. Whether you live in your own home or you have leased it, home insurance is very important to repair possible damages and can save big costs.

And this insurance is generally not required by law, but it is more than advisable for all homeowners. Before making the decision to purchase a home insurance, it is important to know the benefits that can be obtained from it. Not all people have the same needs and expectations, but it is good to know the most common benefits that our home insurance can provide.

Here are the main benefits of good home insurance:

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Officials are building a database to be shared among 40 chinese cities

"First, records about properties and their ownership would be sorted out and put into the database. Then information about earlier sales of properties will go online" - an official from the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development said.

Analysis of these records will show the money flow from one city to another.

"This information-sharing system, which is a dream we have pursued for a long time, will play a positive role in controlling property bubble" - Gu Yunchang, vice-president of China Real Estate Association.