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Contemporary Architecture: Ysios Winery in the Rioja Alavesa, Spain

Standing in the loveliest part of the Rioja Alavesa (Basque Country) the surprising silhouette rises of Bodegas Ysios, conceived as the spearhead of the Rioja appellation in the 21st century.

Bodegas Ysios, conceived as a temple dedicated to wine and inaugurated in 2001, has rapidly become the pioneering "signature winery" in La Rioja, setting the trend for the construction of a steady progression of avant-garde wineries, a trend which still continues today.

Ysios Winery in La Rioja

For the project development, Ysios turned to a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, headed by the reputed architect Santiago Calatrava. His mission was to construct a unique, avant-garde winery, conceived as a place of worship, a place exclusively dedicated to the creation of wines boasting nothing less than the highest quality, with the decisive guidance of expert oenologists.

Its name, Ysios, pays specific homage to Isis and Osiris, two Egyptian gods closely related to the world of wine.

An exceptional building, in perfect harmony with its setting. Seen from above, the estate takes the shape of a wine glass.

The roof, a key part of the project design, is covered with natural aluminium. The metal contrasts with the warmth of the façade, featuring strips of copper-treated cedar, the only wood type that was flexible enough to mould to the shape conceived by the architect.

The pond, located opposite the main façade, is lined with white pique assiette, a Modernist mosaic technique particularly employed by Gaudí.

The roof curvature perfectly reflects a row of barrels, in an avant-garde composition which blends harmoniously into the landscape. Its construction has set a new architectural milestone and, today, it is a landscape symbol for the area.

Moreover, Bodegas Ysios is also functional and has been designed to produce wines of the highest quality. Its linear layout guarantees an unsurpassable wine producing process.

Today, Bodegas Ysios continues to be one of the flagships of the New Rioja.

Ysios Winery in La Rioja1

Ysios Winery in La Rioja2

Ysios Winery in La Rioja3

Ysios Winery in La Rioja4

Ysios Winery in La Rioja5


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