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Spanish Architecture: Gorgeous Duplex in La Rioja

Designed with refreshing creativity by N232 Arquitectura, this stylish and modern duplex is all about altering our set perception of design and décor. Nestled in the beautiful region of Arnedo, La Rioja, Spain, the home sports interiors that are clean and contemporary. Yet, look a bit closer and you will see the hints of ingenious design that makes this space so very special. While most traditional houses have the public areas in the lower level and the private quarters on top floor, this duplex penthouse flips over that fundamental notion.

The main entrance to the home presents a staircase which leads the visitor to the social areas on the top level. A cool glass partition marks the entryway in the living area without becoming a visual hindrance. Décor is kept to a minimum with large black walls on one side of the room offering visual contrast. It is the gorgeous use of bright colors that draws your attention instantly.

Resourceful mix of colors like orange and yellow along with a bold green carpet give the space an inimitable aura.

This Spanish duplex offers an inspirational change from the mundane!

Duplex in La Rioja

Duplex in La Rioja2

Duplex in La Rioja3

Duplex in La Rioja4

Duplex in La Rioja5

Duplex in La Rioja6

Duplex in La Rioja7

Duplex in La Rioja8

Duplex in La Rioja9

Duplex in La Rioja10

Duplex in La Rioja11

Duplex in La Rioja12

Duplex in La Rioja13



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