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House in Cassà de la Selva, Girona, by Ricard Galiana and Yago Oliva

From the architects Ricard Galiana and Yago Oliva. “The House in Cassà project is a single-family house built in a new neighbourhood in Cassà de la Selva (Girona).

The house is situated in a plot with a small slope facing the south which is divided in two different levels. The upper level hosts the main rooms and swimming pool whereas the lower level accommodates the garden and the parking.

1. Casa Cassà

The main rooms are distributed along a single floor divided in two concrete blocks –“night and day areas”– , with a double-height living room and a mezzanine creating a transparent space connecting both blocks.

2. Casa Cassà

The two blocks offer the needed degree of privacy to each space while taking into consideration the private views, the street, the forest and the solar orientation.
The northern backyard provides a pedestrian access in contact with the forest. The south porch-terrace faces the swimming pool.”

3. Casa Cassà

4. Casa Cassà

5. Casa Cassà

6. Casa Cassà



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