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Fall deco trends 2018

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The magazines and the windows are dressed in autumn with warmer textiles and materials and more muted colours. It is time to start thinking about changing some elements of our house to adapt it to the coldest months of the year.

This autumn the key trends for home decoration go through a change of materials, new textiles, a coat of paint for the walls, lighter chairs, furniture with architectural forms or the return of simple objects. If you are thinking of redecorating or renovating your home, these keys will help you discover where trends in interior design are going.

Green walls

A very effective way to give a change of image to our house without spending a lot of money is to apply a coat of paint. The green, in its darker or powdery tones, will be the key colour of this season. It is ideal for living rooms or large bedrooms. If you do not have many meters, the secret is to apply it on a single wall.

Terrazzo touches

Terrazzo remains the star material in interior design for yet another season. Currently, it is possible to find patterns with designs and colours far removed from those we found in the houses of the 60s or 70s. If we incorporate it in the bathroom and kitchen, in small doses, we will achieve a modern and original look.

Mustard textiles

The mustard colour becomes the favourite colour for the design of home textiles in the autumn and winter months. It is a tone that combines perfectly with white or black, creating a perfect base to adapt our house to the new season.

Wallpaper in the bathroom

The new materials in the wallpaper design are allowing it to be incorporated into more humid spaces such as the bathroom or the kitchen. In the bathroom, the trend is papered with tropical designs in which palm trees, pineapples or exotic birds are the protagonists.

Chairs and armchairs braided

After the reappearance of the cannage a few seasons ago, the furniture firms have not been slow to remove chairs and seats with braided seats made with natural fibres or leather. Some of these models remind us of the chairs that our ancestors used.

Aerial desks

Decorating small houses is not easy, so some furniture designers are betting on furniture adapted to space limitations. The air desks adapt to small corners or corners since they do not have legs that occupy much space. The ideal is to opt for custom-designed models.

Touches of pink

The pink is another of the key colours that is imposed this season thanks to the influence of fashion. The secret is to incorporate it in small doses through textile elements, walls or decorative pieces.


Photography: Armelle Habib, Fuente, Pippa Drummond, Brian Ferry, Vincent Sheppard, Katy Cartland, Rose & Grey

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