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Ideas to decorate your windows at Christmas

One of the most important decorations for your windows at Christmas has to do with how to decorate curtains in a Christmas manner. With adhesive vinyl, garlands, luminous advent stars, crowns ... Take your windows out of oblivion these holidays and tell them about the magic of Christmas

With wooden houses

A few small wooden houses on the window sill and snowflakes hung by strings are enough to create this charming proposal of vintage air with which to decorate a house window.

Overlay several garlands

Green, white, with black motifs, with mini Christmas balls ... It is an easy and very effective way to dress the windows and create a special corner with very little. Also, the kids will surely love this festive spirit.

Do not miss the star!

And even more so if it is luminous. Because, in addition to decorating, it will create a more welcoming atmosphere. Today there are models that work with batteries, so it will not be necessary for you to have a power outlet nearby.

Snow inside and outside

The snowflakes are a classic to decorate the windows at Christmas, snow or not in our area. Combine different designs, as has been done here, to make the composition richer.

A Christmas branch

It is still trending to decorate with branches. If so far you have not dared, why not give it a try this Christmas? And is that the natural is more fashionable than ever this year. Here the branch has been personalized with different Christmas decorations: balls, pineapples, tears, paper medallions ...

From all my heart

The living room is usually the king of Christmas decoration. But why not also decorate the kitchen windows? Here two hearts have been hung from the curtain rod, one per window leaf, made with mini red jingle bells. And from the knob, a soft heart of cloth. They are all from Parlane.

A multicoloured waterfall

This proposal will give a fun, festive and colourful touch to the children's room these holidays. Here they have combined wool pompoms tied to coloured ribbons and small Christmas balls.

A landscape in the glass

You only need wrapping papers of different colours and patterns and a bit of skill. On the internet, you will find many templates of different motives that can serve as the base for your creations. These are a design by Esther Martín, from La Cuillère de Sucre.


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