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Decoration trends: the colours that will triumph this summer

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How to use and combine these colours?

Colours can brighten our lives and transform our rooms so that we have another perspective of our house. In summer, the intense and muted tones give the witness to the brightest and most daring. Yellows, pastel greens, roses and earth will dress your rooms from top to bottom. In this post we teach you how to use them and combine them, to get the most out of them.


What better colour to welcome the good weather? The yellow brings good humour to all the rooms. If the soft tones are still effective this season, the bright ones, provide an injection of good humour and joy in your interiors. The advantage of yellow? It calls to light, warms the atmosphere and looks good in the room where it is located. Only a 'but', it is necessary to find the perfect balance with the rest of the environment, using it with moderation. By the way, the mustard is still trending


We want it because it brings delicacy to cold and too strict spaces. It combines perfectly with natural and light tones, but also with the deepest ones. This year, its oldest tonality is imposed and developed in the most modern interiors, showing sweetness in all rooms of the house. Although they still give a lot of play, fuchsia and chewing gum, very millennial tones with pop and youthful airs, and, of course, the 'Living Coral', the orange-pink chosen by Pantone as the colour of 2019. A soft and energetic tone, able to give a warm and cosy touch on a living room wall or with small touches on decorative objects.

Pastel green

During some seasons, green has become an essential colour in the decorative scene, both in the countryside and in the city. A true ode to nature, it is comfortable in all kinds of interiors, whatever your style and the materials that accompany it: it adores natural wood, but earns points with the pieces painted in white. This season, however, has decided to soften its power and show the beauty of its more pastel versions. Very versatile, we find it from the painting of the walls to the furniture, the bedding and the tableware for the summer tables. A formula that guarantees a result 10: mix different tones.

Warm colours

It is difficult to find colours warmer and more comforting than those of the earth and the sun. Ocher, yellow spices, terracotta, carrot, saffron, honey, rust ... Inspired by nature, the desert and the landscapes of southern Europe, these nuances will illuminate your interiors with the arrival of good weather. To invite them to our house and make them stand out, do not hesitate to associate them with clear tones. As for furniture, choose natural materials, such as wood, rattan and other plant fibres. And if you thought that only fit into houses classic or country, you will take a pleasant surprise, discovering its new facet.

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