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House on the beach: Facets that have changed

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Summer is just around the corner if you are thinking about buying a house on the beach, you will realize that the market is no longer the same as in the past. In this post, we tell you about the facets that have changed in this type of housing on the coast.

What exactly has changed?

The second home market on the coast was one of the segments that most felt the crisis. However, it is a type of housing that has evolved over time. Currently, it shows characteristics different from those that defined it during the boom. How is the house on the beach that is currently promoted?

Residential character

Fortunately, the speculative component of the second residence on the coast dissolved. A few years ago it was customary to buy and sell expressly.

In this way, the operation was closed on a plane and goodbye was said to the property after the deed, without even stepping on it. Today, residential use prevails, that is why now the urbanizations are not so de-novated, but rather the strong communities in which they really live.

Foreign Neighborhood

The British buyer remains the foreign buyer par excellence on the Spanish coast. However, the catalogue of nationalities has expanded in an incredible way. Up to thirty of them are betting on the coastal real estate market in our country. The attractions are led by prices, climate and good food.

No more bargains

The bargains on the beach have come to an end, it is possible that within the inventory of second hand can still scratch the odd discount, especially if you have to make a reform or the building has some antiquity. The product being marketed at the moment has premium qualities, so the upward value of these properties is a solid trend. The design of developments made with well-being in mind and that has a price.

Sustainable housing

The commitment to energy efficiency is one of the aspects that makes the property more expensive, although this investment is amortized over time. The current coastal residences try to minimize the environmental impact, that is why it is not strange to find buildings with an energy certificate B at least. Solar panels, air conditioning ducts, thermal and acoustic insulation ... Quality sensitive to the environment.

Domotics at home

Smart homes are not only promoted in the big city of the interior. Also in the towns next to the sea. Having a connected home has become essential, even on vacation. In addition, many of the foreign buyers of housing on the coast use these properties as their main home throughout the year. Home automation and mobile connection are important ingredients.

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