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Christmas decoration essentials

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It is not necessary to decorate every inch of your house with Christmas motifs. But there are some objects and accessories that are essential and can not miss when decorating your home this Christmas. In this post, we discover the essentials that can not be missing in your home this Christmas.

A Christmas wreath at the entrance

Welcome Christmas parties with a Christmas wreath. Be inspired by this gallery where we have gathered the most beautiful Christmas wreaths.

A Christmas tree

It is the ornament par excellence. The representation of Christmas. It does not have to be natural or artificial since there are other options such as a wooden Christmas tree, ceramic, made with postcards.

Christmas balls in red

Of all the ornaments that exist to dress the Christmas tree, the balls are essential. Whether they are transparent, red, pink, silver, striped or with another type of print, the balls are a must.

Crystal christmas ball

We love the sparkle and this Christmas ball is the most: With gold star and glitter motifs it will add glamour to your tree.

A star of light

Christmas stars charge a special chalice. Illuminate the windows, hang them on the dining room table or wear a corner with them but this Christmas accessory is essential in this year's deco.


Decorate the entire house with candles: on the table, in the hall, in a lantern but also in the fireplace (especially during Christmas). Wherever they are, the dim candlelight creates a magical and homely atmosphere.


Garlands of lights are essential in Christmas decoration. Whether in the tree (almost forced), on the stairs or even as a curtain on the wall, the lights should not be missing.

Advent Calendar

It is part of the Christmas decoration and if you have children at home the Advent calendar becomes the prelude to what is to come. Therefore, it is a must since it feeds the illusion and emotion of young and old.

A nice tablecloth

Or two. Dress your dining table for Christmas with a nice tablecloth and you will see how the whole dining room is transformed. Place a tablecloth that reaches the floor and on top of it and get a magazine effect.

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