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With the signed contract and the keys delivered, the rent is underway and the challenge of coexistence between landlord and tenant begins. For there to be a good relationship between both parties, each one must be aware and assume the expenses that correspond to them, but it is not always clear how they are distributed, causing most confrontations. In this post, we explain how the expenses of a rental apartment are usually divided. ...continue reading "Rent: What does the landlord pay and what does the tenant pay?"

Singles wanting to become independent, young people who share an apartment, families with children, families with elderly people in charge. Each case needs a type of housing adapted to their needs. There are so many goals that finding a real estate project can become a measure that has consequences for the whole family and that must include the specific needs of each of its members. We give you the keys to find the best project. ...continue reading "Find the right real estate project for your family"

If you are a non-resident foreigner in Spain and do not know what taxes you have to pay when buying or selling your home, we help you to understand what taxes you have to pay. ...continue reading "What taxes does a foreigner have to pay to buy or sell their home in Spain?"

Investors now get better gross rental yields in Barcelona and Madrid than in London or Paris. Assessing house prices and Home for rentthe amount that could be eared renting our property, the findings by a Spanish property portal concluded that gross residential rental yields in Barcelona (4.1 cent) and Madrid (4 per cent) are now better than London (3.4 per cent) and Paris (3 per cent).

Falling house prices and the glut of people who cannot afford to do anything other than rent means that investors are winning at both ends of the Spanish property market. Not only are they able to pick up bargain real estate, but are then able to set a high amount of rent, increasing their income.
...continue reading "Spain Better to Rent than the UK"