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Things to buy after purchasing your first home

cosas que comprar despues de adquirir una vivienda por primera vez - Things to buy after purchasing your first home

You’ve just bought your first home; at last a home that's truly yours! You’re surely be wanting to move in to the property, but beforehand, it’s essential to take a few things into account and have a series of possessions to make it liveable and even to fix any problem that crops up.

What do you need after buying your first home?

Before moving into your new home, you must have the essentials so that your excitement isn’t tarnished by any problems when starting this new stage:

Do any improvements need to be made?

This usually isn’t necessary in newly built homes, but it’s always a good idea to have some basic tools on hand. Before thinking about moving in, you’ll have no choice but to clean. Therefore, in addition to the usual tools, a hoover and a steam cleaner can be very practical.

In case you have to make any quick fixes, a well-stocked toolbox can truly be a help in countless situations, from changing a tap to adjusting a door that doesn’t close well to hanging a lamp.

These are small tools that will also be useful beyond the period immediately after buying the property.

Minimum furniture in a home

When the house is ready for moving in, it’s essential to buy, at minimum, basic furniture. The bedroom, a good sofa, as well as table and set of chairs are the minimum a property should have. If your budget is tight, you can buy additional furniture little by little in the future.

Of course, it’s also necessary to furnish the kitchen with cupboards and appliances. In the bathroom, you can’t miss a storage area, a mirror, and a shower screen or shower curtain.

After buying a home for the first time, the next thing is linens and silverware. This includes sheets and duvets, towels, silverware, dinnerware, and everything you need to cook.

And, if your budget allows it, it will be much more comfortable to move into a home with curtains or shades on the windows and with good lighting with lamps, wall lamps, or recessed wall lighting—always LED. They are elements that can wait, but it’s also true that they are important for creating a ‘homely feeling’.

Little things that are overlooked

The desire to start a new life in a recently-purchased home sometimes makes you overlook other important issues. For example, one of the first purchases should always be a new deadbolt. In the end, you never know who has had the keys in the past. Also, for safety, it’s a good idea to change the cylinder lock and even install a security or alarm system.

It’s also important to have some things on hand that you can get to in a pinch, such as a torch if there is a black-out, for example; replacement light bulbs; or a fire extinguisher close to the kitchen or in the garage.

And if you have a garden, in the beginning, you have to buy the basic tools for its upkeep. Of course, the condition it's in may affect what tools are needed more, but a rake and some pruning shears can be very useful, especially at certain times of the year. Later on it’ll be time for the lawn mower, the garden furniture, or the barbecue.

Buying your first home is something that fills you with hope and brings up some doubts. You’ll have to choose how to furnish it and buy everything you need to enjoy it. But if you haven’t done it yet, Spainhouses makes it easy for you to find the home of your dreams fast.

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