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Easy, affordable ideas to decorate a terrace

ideas para decorar una terraza faciles y asequibles - Easy, affordable ideas to decorate a terrace

Decorating a terrace with style and on a tight budget is much easier than it seems. With a bit of creativity and good taste, even a tiny balcony can become a true oasis within our home, our favourite place to relax and unwind. How do we make it?

6 Ideas to decorate a terrace

1. A unique piece of furniture.

Furniture is essential on a terrace: it must be comfortable, beautiful, functional and adapted to the space available. However, sometimes furniture can be expensive. Perhaps that's why, in recent years, furniture made from pallets have become very trendy.

Making furniture out of pallets is very simple. With a few skill, it is possible to shape attractive sofas, side tables or bar counters. And, if the terrace is small, the alternative is to use wooden boxes.

muebles palets - Easy, affordable ideas to decorate a terrace

2. Accessories are essential.

When decorating a terrace, not only matters the furniture. Accessories are those elements that help to achieve that special touch, give it a note of colour and make it much more comfortable and welcoming. Simple coloured cushions can work wonders, but details like a flower vase, candles, or wicker baskets also help.

sofa terraza - Easy, affordable ideas to decorate a terrace

3. A little treat.

If the terrace is large, you can create a unique corner by placing a simple hammock or even a small swing. It will be the perfect place to relax after a day of work, to listen to music quietly or to read for a little while. We can save some money if we recycle an old hammock or a bench; we'd only need to cut the legs or the support and put some sturdy ropes to hold it from the ceiling.

columpio - Easy, affordable ideas to decorate a terrace

4. Day and night.

We must not forget to decorate our terrace for the night time too. By placing some light garlands, lanterns or solar lamps, we can easily create a magical space for special moments. And for more intense lighting, led lights are perfect.

iluminacion - Easy, affordable ideas to decorate a terrace

5. A touch of freshness.

Plants are essential on any terrace. They give a note of joy and energy and help to refresh the environment when the warmest months arrive. The simplest thing is to place some loose flowerpots, but making a small vertical garden with pallets is not complicated, and the result is beautiful. As for the plants, the ones with flowers are always showier.

plantas terraza - Easy, affordable ideas to decorate a terrace

6. On cold days too.

Terraces are not only for the summer. If the temperatures are not very low, we can enjoy them in autumn and spring. Putting a rug and a blanket would be very decorative and would provide a pleasant touch of warmth.

manta terraza - Easy, affordable ideas to decorate a terrace

Now that you know how to decorate a terrace and transform it into an almost heavenly corner, all you have to do is get down to business. But if your house doesn't have one and you are looking for the home of your dreams, with the Spainhouses browser, you'll have it very easy. You'll find the ideal home with a perfect terraceto enjoy yourself.

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